Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegas - The Dance Off.

Funny #2 of the Vegas trip...
I am sworn to secrecy as it pertains to the bachelorette festivities.  I will, HOWEVER, let you "in" on some of the fun. 

The scene: we're out.  We're about.  You know, doing the party bus thing - club hoppin' and booty poppin'...
All of a sudden, this appears on the dance floor:
He stepped to Deb for a dance off.  He went from man to blur in 2.2 seconds.
At the conclusion of his dance break, he, along with his hype man, struck a you-got-served pose:
NOT TO BE OUTDONE, Deb and Karen, her hype girl, started wiggling around in response:
Then both, Deb and Mr. Dance Off, went all dance-booty-shake blurry on the dance floor:
Who won?! The bride-to-be (and YES I was biased).  Not to worry!  It was all in good fun as the "dance crews" did unite for a photo in the end. 
I PROMISE I did not expect a dance off in the middle of the club.

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  1. Hilarious! Asian Persuasion taking over... woohoo to my peoples. :-P


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