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Christmas, Haircuts, Superheroes and More!

Well, well, well.   Where in the WORLD have you been, islander?!

Wait.  That's probably what you're thinking about me. Well, it's been a fun-filled holidayfest over here... Just to show how much I care about you, I've left my Christmas decor up... well, most of it.  It'll stay that way until I spill the eggnog (instead of beans... get it?!) of our awesome-fantastic holiday break!

**Warning!!!  This is a LONG one**

Munch had lots of playdates and fun with family and friends over her break - the littles, then Amiya, cousin Jayla, cousin Kelly... it's been great.

#MunchandMiya attended their FIRST hockey game with Hubbs on 12/23/14

We had Amiya over for a few days until Christmas Eve and I captured some of the dancing fun.  In the backdrop of the below photos you can see the formal living room Christmas decor.

 The woven burlap pillow complimented the pillow I made last year (using a Target place mat) perfectly!

I also decided to move the tree collection into the grandfather clock.  I LOVED how it came together!

You can see the dancing in the reflection of the clock, right?  The pretty living room has become the perfect place to play.  Ironic, huh?  I know but I think I like it!

Oh, wait.  I *totally* almost forgot the room was reconfigured to accommodate the Mom Tree.

This year, the tree's theme wasn't shoes and sweets or pink and glitter.  Not because I don't still love those things BUT because I took a woodsy and more grown-up natural look.  I found a wooden bead garland at The Village, I repurposed some of my large vase fillers, I added our 2014 Christmas cards from friends and family and BOOM!  Fabulous!!!

Right outside of the living room, I decided to hang the garland (remember the ones that were on the lower portion of our staircase last year?) over the entryway in the foyer.

That pic was taken during the decorating process.  You can see the gold beaded garland.  It was in the bag from The Village with the wooden beads for $1.90 and it is gorgeous - three strands of different gold beads woven together to create a statement!  The picture doesn't do it justice; it turned out fabulously.  I think it's amazing what Command hooks can do :)

The family tree took a more glamorous look with white and gold.  Munch, Hubbs and a less controlling I collaborated to ensure a pretty tree.  I put my statement ornaments on the tree and Munchface was the boss of everything else.

As is our tradition, I pulled the family ornaments out, sorted by year and told the story of each one as Munch and Hubbs hung them on the tree (in order of receipt).  Oh!  AND I purchased another tree topper in a 2013 post-Christmas thrift store sale and its mirrors reflected the lights beautifully.  I also used coordinating wrapping paper in gold and white for the gifts under the tree and it all looked great.  I almost forgot!  The drums!  I had to move them from the living room to the family room.  They got some holiday cheer and I think I'm in love!

Other decor included the humungo lighted wreath I got from The Village for $4.90.  Rather than hanging it on the front door or adding to it, I kept it simple and hung it on the garage door for additional ambiance in the kitchen.  it looks amazing and I think I'm going to update it with other decor (a birthday banner for me, something for V-Day, etc.).  Isn't she lovely?

Christmas Eve, we baked some delicious ginger bread cookies for Santa.  Then, while I prepped the gifts, everyone else fell asleep.

Christmas morning, Mom, Dad and Dad's friend, Wallace, arrived with brunch supplies.  Yes, I relinquished control and allowed others to cook in my kitchen.  We opened gifts, enjoyed a feast of eggs, grits, fried apples, salmon patties, fruit salad and more. It was a great time!  After we ate, we napped until Queda and her family arrived around noon.  I gave the kids their gifts - we got Juni some action figures for some game he likes where slugs have super powers (don't ask!) and Gilly's gift was a game-changer.

Everyone knows who that is, right?  ELSA from FROZEN!  In my world, Gilly is little Elsa.  She, like most girls her age, is obsessed with all things Frozen.  I couldn't run the risk of duplicating a gift so I sought out the perfect gift for her.  I thought an Elsa wig would be nice for her until it hit me!  A winter hat designed to look like Elsa's signature snow-blond hair would be perfect!  My thought was that she would have to wear a winter hat anyway, why not make it a game of dress-up everyday?!  I found a vendor who could make my vision come true and apparently, my thoughts were PURE genius.  Gilly unwrapped it, put it on and instantly transformed from Gilly to...

ELSA OF COURSE!!!!  The above photos were captured during her Let It Go performance in my craft room.  THIS was amazing to witness... it solidified me as cool auntie!  The day after Christmas we set out to run a few errands (The Village, hellloooo?).  As we climbed out of the car, I grabbed Elsa's (formerly known as Gilly) hand.  She said to me, "Titi Tabby, I think it's going to snow...because I'm going to MAKE it!"


The hat is made of quality yarn, has a snowflake tiara sewn onto it and ribbons and snowflakes sewn into the ponytail.  It was affordable (priced at $15).  I purchased the child/teen size to accommodate her hair and still cover her ears.  It made her day!  Are you looking for the PERFECT gift for your Elsa fan? Order yours now here!

Anyhoo, the crowd grew and, by 6:00 p.m., we had all the family and friends in their pajamas and ready for fun.  I asked folks to bring cookies to share, a gift for the White Elephant exchange and a spirit for fun!  Our goal was to host a priceLESS party.  No need to spend money on gifts when the most precious things in our lives didn't cost anything but time... a GOOD time!

The guys were on the back porch with cigars, the ladies were upstairs chatting and sipping yummy drinks in pretty glasses... Dad and Wallace got back in the kitchen and whipped up an amazing spaghetti dinner while I set-up the ornament decorating station.

We were preparing for a great day!

I was really happy with how the ornament stationturned out!  The vintage and thrifty ornaments were a hit with both the young and old!  

As folks finished their ornaments, they hung them on my wine rack. It looked awesome.

After the ornaments, we gathered everyone in the family room for the gift exchange.  

It was Dad's idea to have a White Elephant gift exchange; he was so excited for it!  I should've known it was because he, as USUAL, got a ringer!  The budget was not-to-exceed $25 so, you can imagine our surprise when Hubbs opened a Kindle Fire!  What the - what?!  Man, there were several good gifts - a rice cooker, good whiskey, Starbucks and more...  With the battle for the gifts out of the way, we were settled in to start the games, first up? Taboo.

After the first few minutes of arguing for rules and such, it was a good time.

Even my LeaPet was there and loved on me lots!  Folks had so much fun, many crashed overnight TWICE, lol.  It was an ongoing party!  Maybe it was my awesome never-ending mimosa recipe:

A $4.90 find at the Village.  Isn't it fab?!

One of my post-season thrift store finds - $1.99 from Goodwill!

Maybe, it was the top-shelf spirits:

...or the wine?  Or the -- let's just say, someone threw-up and it wasn't the baby!  Now that's when you know you've had a Christmas to remember :)

Saturday, December 27th, Hubbs was acting really weird. He was antsy.  At 10:00 p.m., he jumped up and announced he had to go and he claimed he had something else to get for me.  I didn't believe him but you just never know. On his way out, he yelled back at Munch and me, "YOU BETTER BE AWAKE WHEN I GET BACK TOO!"

Yea, well, I told you we had guests so I was [understandably] tired.  As midnight came and went, I grew annoyed.  I sent GOODNIGHT text and he responded that he was pulling into the driveway.  He walked in, I didn't turn around to see him.  He clears his throat.  I rolled my eyes without moving.  He flops a shopping bag on my chest and I squeezed it to put my gift guessing skills to use, "a scarf," I mumble.  I open the bag and it wasn't a scarf.

What the -- gross. Wait.  I immediately turned around and there he stood with a knit cap on.

Me: What?

Him: Yep.

Munch: WHYYYY?!

Me: What?

*snatches off his cap*


He sat to comfort her and I stared in shock.

His hair.  It's gone.  The LOCness monster?  Gone?!  Yep, all gone.  No more.  This chick?

NOT having it.  Hubbs and I didn't get it at first but then it hit me.  All she's known is her daddy with hair... it's who he is [was] to her.  Don't worry, he comforted her by saying he's still the same ol' mean daddy he was before, lol.

So, that was my Christmas.

Family time, good wine, a little crafting and a whole lotta LOVE!  How was yours?

Come back to hear about the time I touched a superhero, NYE and MORE tomorrow!


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