Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 - A Year of Evolution.

On New Years Eve, I spent some time getting cute.

Cute may not be the first word that comes to mind when you see the above image but... I was drying my hair in preparation for the cuteness to follow.  I, however, couldn't hold a candle to the overload of cuteness that was Munchface.

The face of a mother who is shocked this chick knows the words to every NYE performance!

We tried a big girl style and we both were happy with the results.

We had dinner with Tati, Superman and Langston.  It was a great time with great friends and some GREAT food.  After dinner, we headed to Mike and Ryan's place for some family fun.  Games and drinks seemed never-ending!

You can really see the looks of concentration on some of the facials (other folks just look sleepy).

We chilled out and had some family fun until the ball dropped.

Once the ball dropped, Mike blasted the music and we wiggled into the night... that is, until Mom started talking trash about Spades to a few folks.  Somehow, it wound up that there was a card game going into the wee hours of the morning.  While I held Lea and listened to shouts of card plays gone wrong, I enjoyed the view of my ol' man hogging the covers.

We stayed in the guest room at my parents' place, woke later that morning and headed home to shower and change for the trip to see Hubbs' family in New Jersey.

It was really a nice trip and the perfect way to start my 2015.  I surrounded myself with family and friends who are my might-as-well-be family.

As you know, I've never been one to make a New Year's resolution.  Rather, I pick a word that shapes or inspires my vision for the year.  This year, my word is evolve.

I'm committing to drastic personal growth in 2015.  You'll notice my hashtag #fanTABulous2015.   That's a subtle reminder for me (and my amazing Islanders) that I'm still growing into the woman I've always wanted to be when I grow up.

The beauty of channeling my focus on becoming a better me is that, by default, I'll become a better wife, mother, daughter sister, friend, etc.  I'll be a better me to those who matter most.

We'll talk more about what 2015 is shaping into for me as my birthday nears.  Until then, I've got some updates and I know you do too.


Have you made a resolution?  Do you adopt a word for your year?  Do share!


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