Thursday, May 14, 2015

Auntie Status.

I've been dropping hints for some major life changes in my family.

Yep.  This chick.  Officially an aunt.  Coming soon.  Get ready.  I'm excited.  AND YES, I have known for quite some time.

Wait, you probably want to know who's expecting, huh?

Do you recognize that pregos?

Drum roll please.




That belly belongs to none other than...

My brother, Mike, and his wife, Ryan!

Oh, don't look so surprised! I'm a vault of secrets!  So, there.  Yep.  I've known for awhile now and I didn't even tell you...  You're shocked, right?

Attached to the message was a picture of a valentine card they had made. It read, "BABY TILLMAN expected to steal our hearts October 2015."  Guess what.  I had a feeling about a week before they told us.  Oh, Islanders, don't give me the 'yea right' look!  I did!  I ALSO have a witness who can vouch for my story!  Devona and I had lunch a few days before we received the text and we agreed, based on recent symptoms and tendencies, Ryan was pregnant. That said, the text wasn't a surprise-surprise (said twice for emphasis like we established in previous posts) but, when you get news like this, it's still *like* always a surprise.  I mean, it was the news my first blood niece or nephew was on the way!

There are a lot of firsts with this pregnancy.  I mean, this is my first blood niece or nephew.  This is their first child.  Our blended family's first unifying baby.  Wait.  Why do you look confused?  Oh, you didn't get that whole 'blended family' comment(you can read more about it here)?  Basically, Ryan's family - her step-siblings, her in-laws, her siblings, her parents - has become our family.  We eat together just-about every Sunday, we spend holidays together, we're all one big ol' family!

Our family is growing! A baby is coming!!  Oh and one more thing...  I've been keeping another secret from you.

That gender reveal I've been talking about... well, it was to find out what Mike and Ryan are having.

 Care to guess?


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