Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lea's Rio2 Party - The fun!

Yesterday, I shared the Rio2 party decor and how we used affordable large-scale decor to create the perfect party space for toddlers.  Today, we're talking about the party fun!

Jay enlisted the school music teacher to provide entertainment for the kids.  

He played all the toddler hits and brought instruments for the kids.  All of the little ones LOVED him!

Between dancing with Mr. B., Lea's play tent, riding toys, and the splash pool, every tiny guest was having a blast!

There were sidewalk chalk and bubbles too!

It was so lively and fun for the kids!

After two hours of fun, it was time for the birthday song!  I mentioned yesterday how Lea couldn't have cake so I came up with a sherbet buffet.  We pre-scooped the cups for kids and placed them in the freezer.  When it was time, we placed the sherbet cups in a cupcake tier on the buffet, Lea got a special bowl and everyone gathered around for the birthday song.

Can you see that bump in the top right?  Yep, that's my nephew baking in there :)  #justsaying

It took her a moment but she blew out the candle :) I came up with the idea for the sherbet but I wasn't totally sold it would be a great replacement for cake.  Seriously, who doesn't love birthday cake?  To my surprise, however, it was HOT outside and the sherbet was the PERFECT cold treat!  I'm so glad the orange, rainbow and pineapple sherbet was a hit!  No one even asked about cake!

The party was a success.  People had fun.  Kids didn't want to leave.  Parents were glad the kids would crash in the car.  All was well BUT, before we go, can we just talk about the guest of honor's fab little 'fit now?  

I mean, I was LIVING for her cute bathing suit but when I slipped her tutu on top, I 'bout fell out.

Those feathers!  That train!  It was just too doggone much for me!  Then, as if the tutu wasn't enough, Lea was killing the hair bow game with that head piece!

She wore it all day like such a good little-big girl!  After passing out hugs, we prepared to open gifts.

I tried to document the fabulous outfit in front of the favor table but Lea wasn't trying to be still!

Like a little dancing Rio bird, Lea was wiggling and shaking. She almost took a tumble...

... but that blurry limb in the lower corner was me snatching her up, lol.  It looks like she's flying in the next pic because I caught her and swung her to the ground.

She landed and took off wiggling into the house for presents.  Lea is so tiny (like the size of a one year old) and it was kind of funny to see her open bags that were just as big as she.

I didn't mind watching her unwrap gifts because that train was giving me so much life.

I hope Lea-baby enjoyed her party as much we enjoyed pulling it together for her.  She's such a tiny little lady with a big personality!

Happy birthday, Lea-baby!  


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