Saturday, May 2, 2015

When Celebrating is Difficult

I'm on my way to a birthday party.  It'll be fun and fabulous.  It'll have yummy food and decor.  Oh, speaking of decor, I was asked to do the decor.  There will be friends and funny moments... It's a theme party so there will ALSO be low-key costumes.

I'll be there early.  To decorate, of course.  Ya know, because.  I mean, as an event planner, that's what I get asked to do.  It's second nature for me.  I'm good at it.  It helps people out.

Is it wrong for me to just want to show up for some people's events sometimes?  Don't judge me.  Today's one of those days... I just want to show up at the time the party starts and have a good time.  Ya know, like everybody else.

I'm sure it'll be fun and, once the party starts, I'll get to be a guest... it's just one of those days when I would LOVE to be a guest.


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