Friday, November 20, 2015

MaseFace Month 2

Happy Friday, Islanders!  As if I didn't give you cuteness overload in this week's Wordless Wednesday post, I wanted to share a few updates on my awesome nephew, MaseFace.

That face.  It gets me every time!  Islanders, our MaseFace is officially two months old.  He's changed a lot since our last photo session.  I tried to get a similar picture and, as much as they are alike, there are subtle changes that really reflect some of his progress.

- Open Up!  Infants are pretty tight when they're born.  They're used to being cramped in a belly so during their first few months, babies are most comfortable swaddled with their limbs close to their body.  In the Month 2 photo, you can see his limbs are more 'open.'  His arms are not as close to his torso and his hands are not balled into tight fists.  When he naps, he doesn't nap with fists, his hands are more relaxed and, during feedings, Ryan's reported he rubs her back!  Such a little love bug already!

- EYE See You!  In the first pic.  MaseFace isn't focused on anything really.  His range of sight was very close (like boob-to-face)... although, he did enjoy fans and my big hair from across the room. You can see in the Month 2 photo that he is looking at the giraffe.  My boy SEES things more clearly!

- Little Kicker!  Ryan was pumping and watching the photos from across the room when she said, "uh, we might need to use the Sport setting for those legs."  Islanders, he was kickin' up a storm! You can see that blurry leg, the boy was kicking super quickly!

Another change you can see in the photos is his neck/head control!

He could barely stay awake during our one-month photos:

He was wide awake and holding that head up during our two-month photos:

He was looking at me and not the camera in the above photo but in this next one?  I moved behind the camera to adjust focus and, you see it, the smolder is real, y'all:

Yes, I just melted your screen.  Yes, he's that cute in real life.  He focuses on faces for longer periods of time now.  He also recognizes Mommy and Daddy.  He even has real smiles.

OMG! He flashed a smile when my brother was in his line of sight... Seriously, he grinned an 'oh hey, I know THAT guy' kind of smile.  He is amazing and beautiful but handsome and tiny but big and I'm still *totally* smitten with him.

I've enjoyed capturing his growth in monthday photos and I hope I am able to continue... It's such a special time with my growing MaseFace. Oh, wait.  One more update.  Did you notice my boy has eyebrows?  Yep, they're still coming in but his unibrow havin' auntie is super excited to see his eyebrows are coming in full force, haha.

Let the auntie lovin' continue!


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