Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Hi, Islanders!  This week, we're catching up on the October happenings and the Island's big news stories that occurred during the Dollar Tree series.  I've been holding some information and the time has finally come to share.

First, let me say the power of social media is amazing!  Sheena tagged me in a post on Yandy Smith-Harris' Instagram page.

Modern Domestic?!  I felt I would be a perfect fit for that area of the site so I applied.  I applied!  Thanks, Sheena!

Why did I apply, you ask?

I've got goals and plans for the upcoming year.  Goals that will require me to stretch myself and, with my future in mind, I'm making subtle changes to be sure things are realized without issue.  Get ready, this will be a fun ride!  Anyhoo, back to stepping out on faith...

I followed the application instructions and sent an email.  My email was well-written and showed both my writing style and personality.  I was confident with my submission but, for some reason, I was shocked when I received the email stating I was chosen to be a Staff Writer and weekly contributor for two Modern Domestic columns, DIY and Home Decor.

I was super stoked to join an award-winning team!  I've been providing content for a few weeks now and I invite you to check out some of my posts:

Seasonal Wreath

Emergency Fixes for Unexpected Family

Dollar Store DIY - A Mirror Vase

I'm still working out the kinks of the editing process (the website editor has final say and my first post had a number of typos due to editor changes).  So, if you want to keep up with my other writing gigs, be sure to check out http://everythinggl.com/category/lifestyle/ every week!  Oh, and leave a comment or click the stars to rate the post!  Islanders, I'm super excited to expand our island's circle of touch and, as always, you can expect insider exclusives here on Fabulous Island and much more!

Cheers to stepping out on faith!


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