Monday, March 26, 2012

Basket Case: Affordable Easter Baskets

You may recall my Christmas post where I told you about amazing deals I found on Let me say for the 10th time that I was so impressed with our personalized knit stockings I made a mental note to check for future holiday items.

Seriously, check out the stockings; they're the cutest:

The stockings were only $19 (with free shipping and personalization) - almost half-off the PBK price.  With Easter around the corner, here are a few fabulous baskets deals.

Pottery Barn Baskets

I have a weakness for personalization.  Add my name on something and it instantly becomes SPECIAL.  The first place that came to mind to purchase Munchface's personalized Easter basket was Pottery Barn Kids (PBK). PBK baskets range in price from $14 - $46(because they sell basket liners and baskets separately) with $7 added for personalization. Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous...

...and I was prepared to justify the splurge by claiming we'll use it every year.  THEN, I thought back to Christmas and found baskets (with FREE personalization) on

Walmart Baskets





All include free personalization and can be delivered for free to your neighborhood Walmart. I just can't decide which one to order! 

Plus, I found these 2 baskets on and I really heart them:

Aren't they all adorable?! 

In summary, I think before I have to justify pay the PBK price, I'll consider the tried-and-true alternatives on and spend our money on making the day special!

I'll keep you posted on the basket's contents! We aren't ones for a lot of candy so I'm ordering other personalized items that I am so excited about. 

Feel free to share your Easter basket choices in the comments section!


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