Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DIY Febreeze!

I've shared my love of laundry detergent and how it makes my soul happy.  Remember the tutorial for carpet and mattress refresher (here)?  Just last week we talked about DIY wax melts (here).  Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite uses for a laundry aisle purchase!

What You Need:

- Fabric Softener of your choice
- Warm Water
- Spray Bottle

What You Do:

1.  Add 1/8 cup of fabric softener to your spray bottle

2.  Fill bottle with warm water.

3.  Shake well.

4.  Spray.

Use wherever you would normally use fabric refresher - curtains, carpets, linens, sofas, closets, etc.  The possibilities are endless, the smell is one of your choosing and you'll save money!!  Seriously, have you checked the price of Febreeze lately?  It's not cheap at all!

If you're not a fan of fabric softener, you can use essential oils or liquid laundry detergent.  I spray our sofa and pillows often because I enjoy inhaling a fresh clean scent when I sit down on the sofa or snuggle up to watch movies.  Munch loves to spray her bed after she makes it in the morning.  Do you have an area that could use a scent refresh?  Try mixing up your own fabric refresher and spraying liberally and regularly for less!!


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