Thursday, June 16, 2016

Purple and Gold Sweets Table

Months ago, I was hired to provide a simple sweets table design for a purple and gold bridal shower.

Thanks to Sheena, I had awesome frames.  I inherited those awesome frames from DatMyHoney's nursery.  

I spray painted them gold and they were one of the unifying features on the sweets table!

That love sign was an awesome find at Michael's and was purchased on sale with a coupon!  It's battery-operated and added the bit of magic I needed above the cupcake tier.

The hosts provided popcorn favors for the table labeled, "He POPPED the question."

I love the gold platter stands and plastic apothecary jars from Target.

Pretzel sticks and mini pretzels looked fabulous on the table and the frame, (it broke in transit) placed on the table surrounding the platters, tied it all together.

OMG! That cake "tier" was super easy!  In the shipping section of Target, I picked up two boxes in varying sizes.  I then purchased the wrapping paper, wrapped the boxes separately, and taped them together with room for cupcakes along the front.  It was SUPER easy and turned out super cool!

Melina provided the dipped sweets.  She made a custom gold color and it worked perfectly!

Did you know cutting Rice Krispy treats into bite-sized pieces prior to dipping will double the number of treats.  Plus, isn't everything cuter in mini portions?

It turned out fabulously!  My client was happy and the bride-to-be loved the elegant and unexpected decor!

Cheers to creating easy and fabulous feature decor and to thinking outside the BOX!

Get it?  BOX?! ... come on!  With the frames and the cupcake tier?  Now THAT was a good one, right?!


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