Thursday, January 19, 2017

Statement Decor Using Spray Paint

This week's Maya Monday's post was all about home.  We've been talking about Munch's new big girl room and how making an effort to incorporate her ideas into the design helped create a beautiful space she enjoys.  Today, we'll talk about one of the statement items in the room - the leaves!

I inherited several items from an area retail store.  The store was closing for renovations and had no plans of keeping anything except their wooden hangers, clothing racks and the checkout desk.  Everything else was given to employees and their family members for free.  Islanders, I got several AWESOME pieces out of the deal to include the leaves hanging in Munchface's room.

I received 5 large black leaves and two of the acrylic ceiling mounts from which the leaves suspend.  I loved the leaves and knew they would work perfectly in Munch's room when I saw them.  I just didn't think black would work for the design.  You remember the inspiration board, right??

I wasn't sure how... I wasn't sure if... I did know I wanted to incorporate the oh-so-signature tropical leaves into the design.  Can you see the photo in the top right of the collage?  There's color, there's greenery and leaves.  It's bright and cheery.  I may not have known the details but I knew I wanted this room to be an oxymoron in its design... to defy the rules and perspectives of design.  I sought to answer the following questions:

You see the answers.  Yes, yes, and YES!  We'll continue to build our case in the Munch's Big Girl Room mini series but, for now, let's get back to the background info!  The leaves were used as a store front display.  Mrs. Lucy told me all about them and offered some for use in Munch's room design.  I knew they would provide the perfect dose of whimsy over the bed.  I couldn't, however, imagine how big they were!

I first saw the leaves at Mrs. Lucy's birthday party.  They were huge!  Talk about statement decor!  With the leaves in tow, Munch and I headed to our local home improvement store.  I allowed her to pick spray paint in the colors from her inspiration board (see above or click here for more on that).

We went home, laid our scrap grocery bags on the ground under each leaf and sprayed the leaves in our coordinating colors.  I wanted to stay under budget so I decided to use the gold spray paint I had on hand for one of the leaves (after all, how many times will I need the colors?  If I couldn't get multiple uses out of the paint, I wasn't about to splurge!).

I allowed them to dry outside before bringing them inside (the fumes can be a bit much).

Using Gorilla hooks as an easy means to anchor the mount, I hung the leaves over the bed and BOOM!  Magic.

The leaves are the perfect statement in the room. They also help to tie the theme together.  Hanging them on the accent wall really helped with the budget.  They were FREE and covered much of the wall... so much that I probably didn't need to hang anything over the bed...  If you're looking to make a statement in a room, consider something large and using PAINT to change the color!

Think outside the box with your decor choices and make an impact while also making the room fab!

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