Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Before and After.

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I mentioned in yesterday's post that I've branched into new services.  One of my recent projects included a friend's townhouse.  We truly transformed every space.  The room with the most drastic 'before and after' would have to be the kitchen.

New appliances | New back splash | Updated counter top | Updated cabinets

Today, we're talking about how we updated cabinets.  The kitchen was dated and the cabinets were such a drastic contrast to the cool blue-gray paint color and the rustic vinyl wood flooring that I knew we needed a change.  I really wanted to transform the builder-grade oak cabinets for a fresh and updated look.  Rather than a bright white, in a high traffic area like the kitchen, I decided to go for a creamy white look.  Hopefully, I could find the right color but only a trip to buy the kit would tell.

On a trip to Lowes, I found two kits on sale and I couldn't resist the price.

One kit was unmixed bright white.  The other was called Linen (which, in my opinion, has a pink undertone to a creamy off-white paint color).   In addition to the kit, I picked up painters' pyramids.
OMG!  Those little risers were amazing.  They made painting the cabinets (front and back) a breeze but seriously?!  The best part of Before and After posts are the photos.  Can we get to it already?

We decided to mix the two kits' paint colors to create a custom color that was bright and clean.  To do so, we purchased an empty paint can, poured the paint from each kit inside and took it to Lowe's for mixing in the fancy machine.  OMG!  I love the color!  Rather than use the glaze to 'age' or distress the look, I decided to keep the creamy white 'as is' because the look is clean and less taste-specific.

I feel there's a major change in the colors with the glaze coat.  What do you think?

Anyhoo, here's my review for those who are considering the Rustoleum Transformations product.

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations was easy to use, affordable and came with everything needed to update the kitchen.  Each step (the stripping, the sanding, the painting, the sealing, etc.) was easy enough for any DIY-er willing to tackle the task.  It took two days to complete and looks just a great as it did on day one (it's been 90 days)!  I highly recommend Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations!

In the photo above, you can see the other updates I mentioned.  We will talk more about how to make a major change to your kitchen for a fraction of the cost.  These updates are perfect for the homeowner on a budget or the DIYer looking to affordably update home or the homeowner looking to make smart updates to the kitchen before listing the property.  We were able to update the kitchen for less than $3,000 (excluding labor costs for those looking to DIY).


Don't the cabinets just brighten the entire space?!  Stay tuned! There's more to come.

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