Tuesday, January 31, 2017

34: Surprised As Ever.

Howdy, Islanders!

Last we spoke, I left you with a suspenseful ending.  That ending served as the perfect segue into the birthday wrap-up.  I'm excited to share the details of the day because there are lots.

First update?  Oh, my bad.  Let's get to it... wait.  Back up.  Before I went to sleep on my birthday eve, Munch banned me from being upstairs.  She was preparing something for my birthday.  When she finished, she stood in front of me holding a balloon.

If you read it as I did, the message in the above photo is, "SUPER STAR MOM."  It made me smile and, because she messed up on the heart, I was given the balloon as an early birthday gift.  Before she headed to bed, Munchface requested that I wake her at 6:15 the following morning... clearly, she had something up her sleeve.  On my birthday, Munch woke bright and early to setup.

She setup an adorable display in the hall, complete with balloons, tulle poms, a few gifts and inspirational reminders.

#loveyou #1Mom #YouAlwaysMatter

While I admired the cute setup, Munch headed downstairs and returned with breakfast in bed; she even brought me coffee too!  Be still, my heart.  Coffee?!  My birthday was off to a great start and I had big plans for the day.  With Munch off to school, I pulled out my cleaning supplies and spent hours deep-cleaning the house and chatting with Devona on the phone.  I was heading to my parents' place that evening and I was looking forward to spending the following day with Sheena.

Family time was awesome; honestly, any time with my MaseFace is a great time.  We played and giggled and ate and laughed and -- I just enjoyed the night with the people I love most.  Saturday, we woke and went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  After lunch, I was dropped off to Sheena for fun.  I mentioned to her that I wanted to do something.  Sheena brought that dream to fruition.  I will never forget how she was with me in that moment... I was in my element when we went to a thrift store, Michael's, and then to T.G.I.Friday's  for drinks and appetizers before our planned trip to the movies.  Sheena had one more errand for  her daughter, DatMyHoney.  Did you remember that DatMyHoney has the same birthday as I?  Well, her party was the next day so we needed to be sure we had everything for the favor bags (I'll share more in a few days).

The final errand for DatMyHoney's party was confirming the shades of pink with the balloon vendor for her towers.  We arrived to an area clubhouse (where I thought the vendor was setting-up for another event), we walked up the stairs when I realized I was about to enter first.  DUH!  Don't enter the room first, Tabitha... it's an unspoken business rule - if it isn't your meeting, there's no need to enter the meeting first.  I stepped to the side. Sheena went first and when I walked through the door, this happened:

Yep, I was surprised.  I was lost.  When?  How?  Where?  OMG.  It's a party!  For me?!

Islanders, it wasn't just a party, it was an epic party! Stay tuned.

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