Thursday, March 8, 2018

Planter Redo: 2 Minutes, $2 and Too Cute!

Islanders, I have an update and, if you know me, you know it's major.

I have a plant.  A live plant.  It's alive.

Come on.  Is that not major news for me?  Ok, wait.  I have had a plant that I've kept alive for over a month.  It's actually growing.  Are you impressed yet?  NO?!  Well, you should be.

I killed a cactus garden.  I killed a durable house plant.  Heck, I've killed an air plant.

Sometimes, I go to stores later in the evening because I enjoy browsing the aisles solo.  I take my time strolling while everyone else is trying to get in and get out.  A little over a month ago, I went to Walmart and picked up a succulent.  They were on sale and I figured I'd give it a try.  

For weeks, I left it in the ugly little store bought pot... ya know the black ones with the holes in the bottom.  Yes, that little ugly pot.  I left it in there.  I just knew it wouldn't last long so, I didn't get my hopes up.  I sat it on the coffee table next to the artificial plant.  Well, after about 4 weeks.  I noticed something.  

My little baby plant had new green coming in.  Could it be?  Did I not kill it?!   Did it actually grow?  OMG!

I became increasingly more excited as the days progressed... don't worry, it wasn't the same excitement that watered a cactus every other day... I've learned that lesson.  It definitely was not THAT kind of excitement.  It was more of the excitement to buy a new little pot for my plant.  I still wasn't sure of the level of commitment.  I wanted something cute but cheap that would also fit my family room decor.

The kid and I found a cute little pot in the Target garden section.  It was plastic and cream and, the best part, it only cost $1.  I decided to get it.  It was a buck.  What did  I have to lose?  From Target, the kid and I headed to Dollar Tree and I was shocked to see DT had potting soil!  I hurried home and transferred my little plant into her new home. Yep, it's a 'her.'  She's one tough cookie.  Peliona.  That's her name.  Peliona is Spanish slang for a girl who likes to argue or fight.  I had an idea.  I grabbed a few permanent markers.  I drew lips.  I drew lashes.  I drew Peliona.

I took a pencil for an idea of the lash line and used it as a guide to draw lashes.

I love how the plant became her hair.  Munch pointed out that it resembled pig tails.

I tend to agree!  Ok, so here's the best part:

I found a similar vase online for $28!  Doesn't that make it even better?! 


I was able to spend $2 and use markers I had on hand to create a super cute vase! Target had a black vase too.  How cute would it be to use a chalk marker for seasonal or party decor with cute messages... a row of them with individual letters on each (SPRING or CREATE)... photo adhered with ModPodge... the possibilities are endless!

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