Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Something Memphis Blues - The Food.

We've spoken about the decor and graphic designs for the Something Memphis Blues bridal shower.  Today, we're talking food.  Can we just pause to appreciate the food?  I love food and it can make or break any event.  In the case of this bridal shower, Erica created a fabulous menu to fit the theme.  It was eclectic and cultured.  Guests could tell the dishes were prepared with love; it was the kind of meal that fed the soul. 

Sure, there were gourmet favorites but, keep it real, what would a Memphis-themed event be without a BBQ?!

Pulled pork, pulled chicken, and beef brisket with an assortment of BBQ sauces were available for sandwiches or wraps.  There was something for everyone.

With multiple rice and pasta options as sides, it was nice to also have an assortment of healthier salad options like the Balsamic Salad with strawberries and glazed walnuts and the Mediterranean Salad.


Y'all know how I feel about chicken salad.  I love to make it and I could probably eat it everyday.   It is always a crowd favorite and I loved that she added almonds and grapes.

I watched her make the next dish and I could eat it by the fistful.

Erica's Italian Shrimp was so easy to prepare and SO delicious!  I shared the how-to video on my Instagram story while covering the event.  Did you miss it?!  OMG!  You must follow me on Instagram for all the behind-the-scenes goodies! I post something everyday so, if ever you need an Island fix, stop by! Anyhoo, back to the bridal shower...

I love when there is equal attention paid to the decor, food and fun.  It really helps to ensure guests have a good time.  With everything ready to go, guests began to arrive and they were ready for a good time.  The smile on the bride's face says it all:

It was a great day to celebrate love but, then again, isn't it always a good day to celebrate love? 

Cheers to good music, good food and good laughs.  Islanders, may you find an excuse everyday to feed yourself!

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