Monday, March 5, 2018

Something Memphis Blues - Centerpieces

I shared images from a unique bridal shower I planned for a client.  I was originally contacted on Facebook when Erica reached out for decor support.  She wanted to incorporate the following into one event:

- The bride's love of Elvis
- The bride's wedding location and soon-to-be home town, Memphis
- The colors red, black and white

She wasn't sure how to tie it together but had one bigger issue; she wanted to recreate this centerpiece:

That's how it arrived in my inbox - blurry and really small.  Could I recreate it?  THAT's all Erica wanted to know... My answer? Sure. I had a plan and Islanders, it came together flawlessly.

I needed a street sign/light.  I needed the figurine(s).  I needed gold instruments.  I needed a platform to give it the height. 

My client needed me to create three centerpieces.  It was ON! First, I had to find the figurines.  Guess what.  I found them on AMAZON!

Next up? The platform.  I didn't care for the inspiration and how it was square with a round top so, I came up with an easy design to fit my vision.

Dollar Tree for the win!  I purchased 4 picture frames and glued them together to create the base.  I topped it with a square plastic plate.  I used a sparkle ribbon (from Dollar Tree) around the top to cover where the base and top met.

I printed a photo of the Beale Street (a Memphis staple) on photo paper, cut it out and glued it to a Popsicle stick.

For the bottom half, I used the party favor instruments like these:

I spray painted them gold, added twinkle lights and BOOM!

It was coming together!

I contacted Erica with an update and referred to the shower as the 'Something Memphis Blues' event and she fell in LOVE with the theme name.  It tied everything together and she asked if I could be of additional assistance.  With the centerpiece plan out of the way, I was more than willing to help!

I couldn't wait to surprise her with the centerpieces; they looked amazing!

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