Thursday, February 3, 2011

Until Tomorrow.

January. 20.

Christmas, Valentine's, New Year's all rolled into one and celebrated by ME...and my family...and my friends...and their significant others...and sometimes even random strangers on the streets who fall victim to my yelling "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!" 

On this date, I am one year MORE. More comfortable in my own skin, more happy with my life, more mommy than the year prior, more busy, more focused, more who I will be when I grow up.

I had a fabulous birthday weekend celebration.  I was happy to be surrounded by people who love me and who I love back (like, lots). In my grown-up life birthday gifts don't matter as much as time... BUT they sure do make a party even better!!  Speaking of birthday gifts, one of the best gifts from my hubby was the nod to create my official craft area (it wasn't a gift but I'm COUNTING it).

*GASP* An area, solely dedicated to my to-be projects?! I had to ask like 10 times - ARE YOU SURE? And I basically came to the conclusion that he's tired of my crap-ola taking over general living spaces (that people can see, at least)... So, I officially have an area where I go to create and build and plan and sketch and display and glitter and...wait.  Where again, did space suddenly appear in my house for this haven you ask? kinda didn't...

It's kinda just the unfinished portion of our basement behind a closed door next to the washer/dryer.  I can't help but feel like there's some maybe if I'm CLOSER to my kryptonite (washer/dryer) I'll do laundry... WHATEVER! I've purchased organizational tools and I'm well on my way to a fabulous area.  So...if you're wondering, THAT'S where I've been -- cleaning out my life to MOVE ON with my life... DEFINITELY been singing "GO ME! GO ME! GO ME!" Anyways, more updates on that later. BACK TO BIRTHDAY official BUSINESS! No, I haven't let go that my birthday month is long gone yet... This is my ISLAND and I deem the day after Christmas to Valentine's Day the official BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION month!! I love being able to yell when no one's around to scrunch eyebrows at me...SO, anyways, *YELLING in a glittery birthday tutu and tiara with a wand and fairy dust flying*


The best gifts of the birthday, you ask?

Fancy Cupcakes with hours of gossip at fancy pants restaurants accompanied by fabulous girlfriends. Chocolate Hazelnut cupcake yumminess? YES, party of 2 (me and my birthday bell-ay)!

Parents.  Both here. Both loving. Both. smiling. Knowing my mommy would do anything for me. She's my biggest cheerleader and the President of my fan club (that doesn't exist yet... but it will...and you'll want to join...AGAIN, my island, my rules). My daddy for the funny, warm, caring, relaxed person he is when no one but family is around... Both the funniest people I know... Thankful for their laughs when things get too funny to act normal, my mom's silent giggle and my dad's explosive yell... Faces turning pink and sprints to the bathroom after a laugh-induced accident... They take on the world like 2 hamsters on a mission to escape "the box"... For God so loved Tabitha that he gave her 2 AMAZING parents that she would lead an awesome life! (biblical reference AND I went all 3rd' yo' MIND! Hee hee)

 Hugs. IDK what it is but here lately I'm a hugger... It just so happens in this photo, I'm hugging my business parter, one fabulous shoe diva, who yells with me every weekend during wedding season, yells at me when I need it, and yells for me when I can't.  I'm thankful for friends... I have some awesome friends, I tellya... Some I see often, some I see *like* never, all I hold dear to my heart.

  The character that is my daughter... You inspire me to wake up being a better person than yesterday. You bring out my creativity when you remind me of the days when a towel could transform from a wig to a blanket to a baby doll to a shirt... You remind me that it is A-OKAY to embrace my inner little girl and twirl in a dress that makes me feel pretty or walk around in big girl shoes because they make me feel special.  You have transformed my life with yours and I thank God for the big-little person you already are!


Last and most important, a love like this.  I might roll *almost* to the point of falling off of the bed but no matter how far I go, I never leave your reach. It's one of those miracles I don't want to figure out! You're my muscles. You're my sexy. You're my unwritten I love you. Words can't express our connection.  One look and you know what I'm thinking. One touch and you can fix my bad days. One kiss and I know you love me.  My bartend-eronie when I'm sick... My comedic relief when you bust a dance move on your way to get a glass of water or when you get out of the shower or...well, ALL THE TIME. I'm thankful for the man God gave me in you... even when I want to banish you to the sofa (though he always refuses)...

   I used to think the more years under my belt made me MORE *insert self-help adjective here* but, over time, I realize another year living doesn't equip me with the tools to survive; living does.  I thought I knew everything at 13 and then again at 16 and then at 18 and 21 and 25 and... BOY, was I wrong! 28 DEFINITELY makes me the smartest I'll ever be... Until tomorrow :)


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