Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memory Makin': Memorial Day 2012

So excited to go to NJ... despite being sick all night.

First, I hope your Memorial weekend was spent celebrating the sacrifices of those who died for our freedom.  We celebrated with family in New Jersey and had an amazing time.  There were some monumental firsts!


Brian's grandmother raised him and was the heart of her family.  She passed away in 2004 and left a void that no one can ever fill.  This past weekend, Munchface went to Grandmom's and Grandpop's house for the first time.  It was like a museum with everything still in place. So many times I fought back tears... Pictures were still hanging just where she placed them, toys in bins from where she once had the pitter patter and giggles of babies surrounding her, trinkets, even the front door with it's contrasting black & white color scheme... So many things that remained exactly where she left them years ago.  I almost got lost envisioning her grinning as she proudly hung pictures of her children and grandchildren on that old home's walls... I wondered what she would say if she got to meet Munch.

From Trenton, we caught the River Line to cousin Kelly...  Munch was so excited! 

Garden State Discovery Museum

Once we arrived, the girls played and giggled for hours.  We decided to wake up the next day and take them to the Garden State Discovery Museum. It was a great combination of hands-on fun mixed with educational exhibits and even LIVE animals!
At the entrance

Dress-up and POSE.

"Kelly, if we were turtles, we'd have tiaras and live in a castle." - Munch

She was SO excited about the rock display that she wants me to build her one for her collection.

Our family's cookout was a BLAST! We rented a moon bounce, port-a-potty, tables, chairs, a tent... The DJ kept the party going and the girls (along with their grandparents) got the party started!

It was a great time with family!

How did you spend your holiday?

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