Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruffles and Bows Baby Shower: The Invitation

It's been a while since we last spoke about God baby's Ruffles and Bows shower... Well, since we last spoke, I've coordinated with a designer for the shower invites and they turned out adorable!  Sometimes when I see a finished product, I wonder, "how the heck did they get THERE?" So, I thought I'd share the process for the invite. Here goes:

God Baby's Shower Invitation

First, I sent the designer, Abby,  the blog post describing the Ruffles & Bows shower.  I also provided the colors, the theme, some theme-focused text and the overall feel for the event.  With this information, she came up with this design:

It was cute but the ruffles, the buttons, the background AND the bow?  It was all a little too much. I wanted it to be cleaner so I sent some samples of invites with subway-style wording along with some other ideas.  She came back with 2 designs:

I thought the one above was it.  It was clean and feminine BUT the designer thought we could do better.  She asked my thoughts and here's what I said:

"The only other variation would be one that was portrait, with the shower information at the top (white background) and the bottom had a wave-like ruffle. Each "wave" would be a gradiant shade of lighter pink and 1 (in the middle?) would be aqua with a bow on the right. That might be simple and clean but girly... let me know your thoughts."

She loved the idea and designed the invite PERFECT for  God baby's shower:

SOLD! SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED... Note: this is just the draft she came up with (there were additional design tweaks).  YAY! We have a modern take on ruffles&bows and, more importantly, it's EXACTLY what I wanted!  Can you see how I created an email account to collect RSVPs? I'm horrible with this whole phone thing so I started to create free emails account for events and I love having an open line of communication for attendee questions (which eliminates having to pull out the paper and pencil in the store when I accidentally answer my phone to capture an RSVP).

For printing, I'm going to use Vista Print's 5X7 invitations.  Have you seen their deals?  They always offer some amazing bargains! 

I am just so excited :)

Isn't it amazing to watch labors of love come together?


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