Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Inaugural} Ballin' Like a Big Shot

Nena's hubby, Chris, was chosen as the Ft. Lee representative to attend the President's Commander in Chief Inaugural Ball.  Yes, it was an amazing opportunity and no, they couldn't take me with them. I was on babysitting duty and you know I loooooove kissing on little cheeks so it was a welcomed fun way to spend recovering the day after my birthday.  Check out my cool friends at the once-in-a-lifetime event:  

Do you see that CAKE?! I love.

Awesome, right??!!

Gilly is very close to her parents so I expected as the evening approached us, she would start to miss them.  

I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! Kids shall not be sad while visiting with me (I'm the cool play auntie).

It hit me, we would host our very own Inaugural Ball! While the girls got cute (with makeup and jewels), I dug in my closet for something to wear... I reached wayyyy into the back and found my PROM dress.  It's not a typo.

In celebration of my 30th, I put my PROM dress on and it fit better than it did when I originally purchased it more than 10 years ago!

I was SO excited the dress fit that I Facetimed Deborah to brag. I guess Gilly was in the background because Chazity snatched the phone and asked, 

Tabby, WHO IS THAT?!

UH, Chazzy, I'm babysitting and she's Gilly and-


If you've been on the island before, you have probably met our sister-cousin, Chazity.  She's an extension of the family and we never do anything without making her aware.  Needless to say, I invited Chazity to attend our ball from MD.  We made it a Facetime party and she rushed off the phone to get ready.

I pulled party supplies from the stash and created a quick tablescape.  I also called Hubbs to call in reinforcements helping Juni get ready (because he's a boy and claimed I couldn't help with his attire).  20 minutes later, the table was set:

The kids were ready:

Chazity called all dolled up:

Tati came with food!

We were ready to get started!
Sidebar:  Juni only wanted to wear a blazer (no shirt, no tie... just a blazer) so Hubbs changed his outfit to match (a vest, a bow tie, basketball shorts and sneakers).  Chazity found it hilarious!

Nena and Chris had a serious process to gain access to the event.  Some fancy I-can-confirm-who-you-are-when-I-scan-your-ticket kind of stuff.

OF COURSE, all of the kids got special tickets to the ball and were offered fruit snack appetizers (I opened a few packs and put them on a tray for them to eat while they mingled).  The stylish little ones took their seats around the table and the formal ROYAL introductions commenced.  

We made quick crafts (cards), ate a yummy dinner and then turned on the music to open the dance floor!  

She said grace from Maryland.

Chazzy and her mommy baked a fancy cake to celebrate.

After an impromptu balloon fight, it was time to end the ball.  NO ONE wanted the night to end, including Gilly.  I hoped this would help to make them fall asleep... Well, it helped everyone except Gilly.  She stayed up until she passed out (on me) at 3:00 a.m. (I was exhausted and almost didn't make it):

It was a great time!!

Have you had a fabulous impromptu party recently? NO?! You should! There's always a reason to celebrate.



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