Friday, February 8, 2013

Bundle o' Beauty - My Birthday Gift.

I've completely taken over the blog with baby shower updates from the Made In Paris shower hosted on December 6, 2012.  It was awesome to give great friends such a fabulous event.

Sheena and I met for lunch a few weeks after the event and she gave me beautiful gifts of thanks.  In addition to a sweet card (I told you I love the art of giving and receiving genuine cards), I received a fabulous iPhone case that has replaced my purse, lol:

It's awesome! It holds my phone, my credit cards and I can use my phone while it's in the case.  WHAT?! LOVES it.  I'm adding it to my list of favorite things *like* ever.

I also received a thoughtful and beautiful piece of jewelry, an Origami Owl Necklace.  She filled it with things that were all about me.  How cute, right?!

I also got a cute little cupcake charm (not pictured) :)

Sheena baked her infamous from-scratch strawberry bread too (it's my fave). I mean, what more could a girl ask for?!

I THOUGHT it couldn't get any better until I received a text that baby Olivia Madison Brown was born at 4:35 p.m. on - wait for it - MY BIRTHDAY!

"Happy birthday, auntie!"

That's right. Little Miss Come-when-I-feel-like-it baked 3 days longer than projected just so she could share the amazing birth date of January 20th with her auntie.

Of course, I had to meet her.  I took a card, with gift cards for a movie night, a floral arrangement and a red velvet cupcake with a 0 candle for her first unofficial birthday celebration.

Islanders, allow me to introduce my co-birthday bundle of beauty, Olivia.

What can I say, those chicks born on January 20th are pretty cute.



  1. Oh she is just too cute! Congrats auntie!!!

  2. She is gorgeous. Happy (belated) birthday to both of you.


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