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Dirty30 - Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was the first port we decided to stick together as a group.  The ship docked for only a few hours and, having heard the adventures of the parents, we just HAD to hang out.  We piled into a cab and prepared for a tour of the island:

Our tour guide was great - VERY knowledgeable and entertaining!

He told us Puerto Rico was surrounded by two bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  As we drove over a bridge you could literally see the difference in the waters!  On one side, the calm Caribbean waters were perfect for lazy lounging by the beach:

While the waves of the Atlantic ocean were great for surfing:

We toured most of newer PR then stopped at a small beach for a break.  Deb and I shared a frosty treat sold by a vendor who was biking with a cooler attached to the back tire - it was SO YUM!  The more I walked around, the more I found - a nice park, a small beach, and a great water fountain (Deb and I took off our shoes and ran through it but OF COURSE the guys didn't get any pics!!).  

The get-up.

I adore this Bebe top.  It screams VACATION and completed my fashionista tourist get-up (while making me feel like I don't run around with a frizzy bun when I'm not on vacation).

Actually, we all did the tourist thing:

After a 15-minute break, we piled back onto the bus and were off to our next stop, the Capitol Building.

It was a beautiful building on the inside and out.  I took in the textures of marble and, surprisingly, I became inspired to change some things around my home!  

Something about this building... It was open and clean with no furniture but VERY ornate ceilings... Almost made me want white walls with colored ceilings... Or white bed linen with colored pillows and sheets... Maybe I'll talk about my inspiration from our travels in future posts.

Check out this ceiling:

Wouldn't it make a fabulous round pillow in an office or guest room?

OMG! Or this ceiling:

I thought of my Munch's big girl room update...  How it needs to be finished and how I love dainty prints.  I would love this in a quilt for her bed.  Matter of fact, this photo may wind up in a small gallery wall frame in her room. Hmm.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting on the steps inside the building plotting on my next house project.  As if he could tell Home Depot was on the brain, Hubbs quickly offered to take my pic. 

Something about the camera makes me act silly.  NOPE, I'm not a duck lips or facebook profile picture type of person, I'm just silly:

I bumped into a fabulous iron gate and started talking about the home projects swirling around in my fro... Mid-sentence, I turned around and Hubbs was gone.  I later learned he slipped into the courtroom with Chaz and the 2 apparently reenacted some political debate ON THE MICROPHONES.  I guess they forgot it was a working day so when the staff kicked them out, they were slightly embarrassed, lol.


I spotted some things across the street when we pulled up that I wanted to check out so off Hubbs and I went.

Across 4 lanes of traffic the street from the Capitol Building is this statue of St. Christopher:

He points his finger in judgement to ensure the work inside the Capitol Building is God's work.

While this was greeeat and the view was amazing, I spotted up a hill about 200 meters down the way... almost falling off a cliff, there was something REALLY cool:

Aren't they fun?! I thought they were awesome!!

Hubbs? Well, I thought he was equally as excited to hike up a small hill and balance on a cliff... Until I saw this pic:

Hey, why didn't you smile?

Him: OK, take another one.

So, we balance over the cliff (you can see the water behind us) and *CLICK*

Ok, forget I asked... Just stay with the cool face.  No more posed smiles for you, guy.


I scurried across the road to ask Dad to take a group shot.  IDK what it is about vacation but... I seemed to catch my parents being frisky more often than usual and... it was just... INappropriate.

Maybe it was the -- WAIT.  Remember, we promised NEVER to discuss the conch body part the dads ate for the "allll night long" effect (you have to sing it in your best Lionel Richie voice... go back and read it again, I'll wait).

Back to the INappropriateness... We cross the street after risking our lives. I come around the cab and see Dani taking a pic of my parents.  Unbeknownst to poor sweet (twice as frisky) Dani, Dad was messing with Mom from behind.  Without thinking I yell, "HEY, I FRIKKIN' SEE YOU, OLD MAN!!"


Mom and Dad both get the giggles. I throw up in my mouth and proceed to ask if Dad'll take a group shot of the girls.  He agreed BUT...

MAYBE if this guy:

...could get his mind right he'd be able to take a pic of the girls instead of himself, LOL.  

After a few takes, we had a good one.

Our next stop was Old Fort in Old San Juan.  It was this huge grassy plain surrounded by water.  We only had 15 minutes so, rather than take the 5 minute walk from the street to the entrance, pay to enter the fort and feel rushed for the tour, we chose to stroll around the beach and take in the scenery of the area. O and we called home because one of the beauties of U.S. territories is cell phones work without roaming charges!

We loaded up the cab and headed to the heart of the city for shopping and lunch.  In the market, you can watch the vendors MAKE what you buy; it was amazing to be surrounded by so many talented people.  I can't imagine the reward of paying your way by doing what you love.  One woman said it didn't feel like work because she met so many nice people everyday.  

Quote me on this, Islanders:  

"One day I will generate enough revenue to sustain my family doing what I love!!"

We enjoyed lunch at Restaurante Raices.  It was a great time with great service and amazing food!  If you're in PR, you DEF want to check this place out!

After lunch, the girls split from the guys and went shopping.  I was still on the hunt for a unique gift for Munch... The closer we got to the port, the more street vendors and entertainment there was.  I got some really cute things but I'll share all the fabulous finds later ;)

Ok so, did you see my hair?

Instead of 2 big french braids, I made 4 ponytails (2 on each side) and divided each ponytail into 3-4 twists.  I just pinned them up to create 2 big knotty buns.  It was a way to keep the heat of this mop off of my neck without resorting to the bun.  PLUS, it made for a playful style that was a conversation piece on a few occasions.  

Later that evening, however, I released the twists to rock a twist out:

It was a little too tame in the pic above.  To fix that issue, I turned my head upside down, sprayed some Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla moisturizing spray and stood in the bathroom while Hubbs was in the shower.  The moisture really helped my hair puff up... It was the perfect style for my itty bitty shorts, electric blue zipper blazer and one of my Christmas gifts from Hubbs:

I stepped out of my comfort zone this day because I wore shorts (that weren't bermuda-length) and showed my chicken legs... OMG. I survived that ordeal and Mama felt fancy!  Who waits until 30 to rock itty bitty booty shorts?!

This OLD girl.

Tomorrow, we'll talk Turks & Caicos!!


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