Monday, April 29, 2013

Vegas - A Man. His Underwear. And a Baby.

I am BACK from my dear friend's wedding in Vegas.  It was awesome and I can't wait to share some deets with all of you.  I will, however, lead into it with some of the funnier moments of my trip.
On my first full day in Vegas, Deb and I hit the ground running!  We ran errands for the wedding, enjoyed some shopping and met Shaunita for lunch at the Harley Davidson Cafe. 
Seriously, there are so many restuarants on the strip that NONE of them are EVER busy.  We didn't wait for a table *like* ever!!
SIDEBAR: Can you see the American flag in the above photo? The crafter in me loved it!  It's individual strands of chains hanging from the ceiling and PAINTED to look like an American flag.  Isn't it amazing?!
Not only was the decor cool but the food was awesome! I highly recommend the trio (pork, beef, chicken) BBQ sliders - DELISH!
SO... I ate. I was full. I was happy.  I purchased $4 flip flops because these beauties were KILLING my feet (like them? They're on sale for $69):
My feet were happy.
I didn't think life could get better. 
Then, THIS happened:
Yep.  He is amazing, isn't he?  Get this, the baby was a robot.  So, when I stepped up to take a pic, the baby turned to look at me - one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. 
Do you recognize him? He's one of the leading men from the movie, The Hangover.
Yep.  My life couldn't get any better.  My full belly got to stand next to a man carrying a robot baby... while wearing his undies.
ONLY in Vegas.

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