Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: Boa Crafts

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursdays!
With limited time to plan the Mrs.-to-Be Masquerade Bridal Shower, I needed to make my purchases count.

I headed to Michael's with the hopes of purchasing a few boas for crafts. 


Does that price tag say close to $15 each??


I mean, I would if I had to but I wanted to check a few other sources.

eBay to the rescue!  I ordered 3 ombre boas for, get this, $3/each!!  They were thick and beautiful and of a VERY high quality and, did I mention, ONLY $3?!


Clearly, Munch loved them!
I used these boas to unify the décor in the space. How you ask?

1. I covered a few Styrofoam balls and hung them in the chandelier above the gift table (you can see one at the bottom of the chandelier in the following pic): 
2. I wrapped the base of my cake stand (the stand has polka dots that did not match the décor):
3. I covered the base of the guest book stand :
4.  I created a feather monogram (tutorial coming soon):
5.  I incorporated them into floral arrangements as filler (tutorial coming soon):
I even reused a boa in the photo booth at the reception.  It was pretty much the craft supply that just kept on giving!
Who would've thought I'd pay 1/3 of the price, get triple the amount with a better quality SIMPLY by ordering online?
Sounds like reason enough to do a Thrifty Thursday celebration dance :)
Have you found any good deals lately?
Do share!

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