Friday, February 7, 2014

ONEderful Party - The Conclusion.

MyHoney is one years old.
I survived the party and the fun and the fashion and the crafts and the loading and unloading and -- WOW! It was a lot.
I'd do it all over again.
Some may think I'm crazy but Sheena is one of those friends who never depends on anyone for anything.  She never asks, she always gives.  She never complains, she always speaks positively.  She is humble and kind and caring and real. O but she isn't the reason I would do it all over again, lol.
This smile:
melts everyone's heart who comes in contact with it.  That little girl is made of pure sugar cane.  Her cheeks are fluffy like cotton candy and her hugs (when she lays her little head down on your chest) are better than chocolate.  I know, I said it.  NOTHING is better than chocolate but trust me, those hugs?! Better than chocolate. 
DatMyHoney is everyone's little sweetheart.  Like honey, my entire family is stuck to her...  After all, she's the only baby who isn't afraid of Hubbs - heehee.
I love the photos captured during her one year photo shoot.  They made the perfect additions to the Thank You cards:
In her birthday tribute post to Olivia (here), Sheena announced that she is starting a mommy blog (Life With An External Heartbeat).  I can't wait for her to launch it because I've known for years just how crafty and creative she is.  Now, with a blog of her own, I'm sure she'll be sharing some amazing tips and stories for everyone.
OMG! Am I getting better with this whole friend sharing thing?!
'Til next time!

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