Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Howdy, LOVELY Islanders :)

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!  It's been a sweet time around these parts for our little ol' family since last week's snow storm.

Munch and Hubbs enjoyed some fun sledding.  Our backyard is on the neighborhood golf course and it serves as the perfect place to sled.  They truly had a blast.

You see he tried to "surf board" and, well, it didn't go over well...


No, I didn't join them.  Yes, I did watch from the kitchen window and NO, I didn't feel bad at all.

I deep-cleaned the kitchen, ran a few errands and, after warming them up with a yummy hot lunch, I let Munch have some fun at Sherry's with her bff, Jada.

O and speaking of Sherry.  She inspired my gifts for Hubbs and Munch:

I fell in LOVE with her idea - most of her supplies came from the Dollar Tree.  I put together a similar gift for Hubbs using dowels and some of his faves - candy, scratch-offs, gift cards, etc.  It was very cute. 

In addition to purchasing gifts for Munch, I put together a small Minnie-themed bouquet (with items purchased from the Dollar Tree) placed in a cute heart hand-painted goblet I purchased from the thrift store.  Her gifts included a new umbrella, glitter perfume, a notebook and cheetah pencils.  I hid the gifts around the house before we headed for a family dinner date.

Hubbs surprised Munch and I with our Valentine's gifts:

I was surprised with beautiful flowers and two new Pandora charms - a cupcake to symbolize my baker side and a Queen bee.  Hubbs' nickname is B and he said I'm his queen.  Get it?  Cute, I know.  

Too bad he couldn't get it out right…  Here's how he presented it to me:

Him: My nickname is B… I'm going to get a tattoo of a bumblebee when I find the right one… You know, so. I'm B and you're a B--

Me: CAREFUL, sir. I'm a b?!

Him: No, not like… well… nah, not like that. You're my bee.

Me: I'm your WHAT?! What did you just call me?

Him: You're my queen bee.

Me: O.  Uh huh. 

We both laughed about that exchange.  


Right before dinner, Hubbs handed Munch her gift.  He got her a little Pandora bracelet!

Her first charm was the other half of my Christmas gift:

She was so frikkin' excited about it :)

We headed to dinner with Tony and Jazz at our amazing neighborhood Italian restaurant!  One of the best moments of the night was the grin Lea gave Hubbs when she was situated beside him.  Normally, she cries when she sees him but this time?

It was all love.  Anyhoo, the food is always delish but the crab cake appetizer? 


We all enjoyed cuddling and kissing on Lea; she is such a happy little baby:

After dinner, we stopped for dessert and headed home for the scavenger hunt.  I handed Hubbs and Munchface 3 clues each of where to find their gifts. I didn't realize how excited they would be looking for their gifts but I loved hearing them running around and they loved their gifts.

It was a great night!

I know you're wondering about the Valentine's play date… Come back tomorrow for the update!


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