Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shower Curtain Hooks Storage Ideas

Happy Tuesday, Islanders!

I'd like to close out the organization series with unique uses for everyday items.  These are items you don't have to pay a lot for.  As a matter of fact, most of them are ALWAYS found in thrift stores for cheap!  First up?  The shower curtain hooks.

Plastic rings, hooks, closed metal hooks... there really are many options to choose from.

I was on a trip to The Village Thrift Store and, like most thrift stores, it was the half-off day.  On Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, tags of certain colors are sold at a 50% discount.  Earlier that day, I was searching for a scarf to tame my hair frizzies and, when I didn't find it, I made a mental note to pick up a few scarves on my trip.  I also decided I needed to figure out how to store them to avoid the annoying hunt in the future.

While shopping, the shower curtain hooks on the end cap caught my eye and it hit me!  I could totally use them to hang my scarves and the best part was that they were only $.45!  I was so excited to get them home and put my idea to use:

I looped the hooks on a clothing hanger and BOOM!  Now, I can quickly find my scarves and I don't even have to dig through a basket or anything; they're all hanging in the closet!  This really got me to thinking about how else these small items can have a big impact around the house.  Check out these ideas I found:

Loop your measuring cups in one place (center hook) to keep them together (source)!

Tension rod + shower hooks = pot storage (source)!

Purse storage (source)!

Hat organizer (source)!

Belt storage (source)!

Shower hooks are so cheap that there's no reason NOT to spend $1 and improve the functionality of your home.  OMG!  I can think of so many places to use these hooks - hair band holder, index card study ring for the kid, to hold paint chips for your home (especially when trying to coordinate decor) and many more!

How can you put them to work for you? 


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