Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom Cave - Gallery Wall Progress

Did you see it?

Yep.  It happened.  It really did.  I even started the tree...

Don't worry. We won't talk about it until after Thanksgiving... I promise!  While we're on the subject of things happening, guess what I did.  Do you remember when I told you about Party Planner Block?  No? You can read more about it here.

In preparation for the champagne-themed party, I made some minor updates to the craft room gallery wall to get the creative juices flowing.  You may recall, the last we spoke about this wall, I cured a case of Party Planner Block with the completion of the gold scissor artwork.

Since then, I've finalized the gallery wall design.  I've decided to keep it linear and symmetrical.  I want to avoid the appearance of clutter and mess. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?  Well, I've been trying to avoid some of the craft room clutter I've seen around blogland. I'd like the clutter to be from projects pending completion and NOT from a hodge-podge of cute decor.  As a result, I've PLANNED the use of space and I've done my best to make decor on surfaces be dual-use (cute and functional).

In the case of the gallery wall, I hung two small Ikea mirrors and two vintage Vogue prints I purchased from the thrift shop for a few bucks.

The wall sat with those five frames (scissors, Vogue and mirrors) for quite some time... until I was cleaning out the space and found a baby frame with Munch's hand and foot prints.  I removed them from the frame and decided to use some artwork, scrap paper and stickers to create two easy pieces of art.  The original artwork was nice but didn't fit the decor in our home.

I cut the back of the frame, carefully removed the photo and mat, and placed scrapbook paper in the photo's place.  I then positioned the hand (or foot) print on the paper and used four dots from this collection of stickers to hold it in place:

I sealed up the frame and BOOM!

Fabulous. I've been using Command Strips to hang pictures for awhile now.  I didn't want to take the time it would require to remove the picture hook so I hung it.  I placed a small dot of black fabric paint (leftover from the Halloween debacle) where the nail would hang and pushed it against the wall.

The dot made the perfect marker for the nail and the custom artwork looks great!

I'm not quite done but, as we've discussed before, I'm learning to enjoy the progress :)

I'm hoping to make progress on the craft room this weekend.  As long as laundry doesn't kill me first :)


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