Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chazzy's Frozen Birthday Party

With the series, I couldn't share a lot of the events going on during the month of October.  We had a lot happen and this week, I'll play catch-up.  First up?  Chazzy's Seventh Frozen Birthday Party.

I love Munchface's outfit for the party.  It was a high-quality princess costume I found at the Village Thrift Store for a discount.  It was priced at *like* $7.00 or something ridiculously cheap!

Anyhoo, Deborah decorated for two weeks leading up to the party.  She transformed their family and dining rooms into a winter wonderland; it was really cute!

Remember the snowflakes I made for DatMyHoney's first birthday party?

Yes, those!  Deb and I had a Facetime tutorial to ensure she was able to make a handful of the snowflakes as feature decor items for the party.  Other than that, this was the first of Chazzy's birthday parties that I was able to show-up and enjoy.  All I had to do was pick-up the sweets Chef Joy made for the adorable feature table:

You can see some of the snowflakes she made on the birthday banner wall:

The sweets table was full of sugary sweets and each had a creative name!

My favorite of all was the chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  They were called OLAF's (the snowman's) arms!!

O and the cake was super adorable!

I love the details Joy used to bring the winter-y feel to the cake.  Would you believe it ONLY cost $40?!

She also provided a "smash cake"  as a surprise to the birthday girl!

It was goooooooood!  Deb designated the mail station in the kitchen as the ice cream buffet:

It also held the favor bags Chazzy helped Deb put together:

I know I said I was a guest and was able to enjoy the party but I almost forgot my task was to man the makeup station.  I put Chazzy's little Barbie makeup kit to work and the girls looked FABULOUS.  I mean three shades per eye, sparkle cheeks for blush, and MORE.  You can really see my work in the princess fashion show pics I took of the little princesses:

The birthday girl and the winner of the walk off struck some pretty awesome poses, right?

 After the walk off, they played a few games then gathered in the dining room for the birthday song.  Chazzy directed the princess people traffic telling everyone to be on the side of the table LOOKING at her.

Once she was sure everyone was in position, she posed and smiled before the BEST birthday song I've ever heard.

The girls knew exactly how to sing it.  First, the traditional Happy Birthday verse, then the 'How Old Are You?' verse... Chazzy responded with her verse (I'm 7 years old!) then everyone sang the 'May God Bless You' verse.  Finally, after the full version of the birthday song, she blew out the candles:

Islanders, my baby girl (whose birthday we've never missed) is 7 years old.  

That's us at her FIRST birthday party.  Can you believe it?  You can't?  Well, here's proof the clocks don't lie.

December 2008

October 2014

Crazy, right?!

Happy birthday, Chazzy! It has brought me such joy watching you grow, baby girl!


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