Friday, November 7, 2014


Earlier this week, we talked about Halloween NOT happening for our family this year.  I admitted that I was so sad about it... blue, if you will... well, speaking of blue, I have an update.

I got a haircut. O and my hair... it's indigo!

I have a stylist who is AMAZING.  Her name is Ruby.  She is a hair MASTER.  Yep, a master of all hair types.  

O, and she's a makeup artist!  

I've known Ruby since we were kids... playing with Barbie dolls on her grandmother's basement floor.  I don't, however, trust everybody's everything.  She, however, is one of the people you follow on Instagram.  You know, those people whose work you admire from afar.  She is amaaaazing.  Check her out (styleseat or instagram)  and tell her I sent you.  She loves referrals!

Now, you may recall that I wanted to go purple last year.  Well, I've noticed everyone wants purple now so I pulled my inspiration and was reminded that I was torn between purple:

... and blue:

In either case, I wanted my hair to appear more bold in sunlight but, under the poor lighting in my dark cube farm (aka the office gig), I wanted it to be more subtle.

When I visited Ulta last January, I wanted purple.  I also, however, expressed that I work in a professional environment and wanted it to be tastefully done.  Nearly $200 later, I had wine hair and the guidance to schedule a follow-on appointment for the "fashion color."  Fashion color was described as those highlights of purple throughout my hair that would give me the look I wanted.  We talked about highlighting a bang and some of my ends. The end product would look kinda like this (but with less pink):

Well, you know me as it relates to hair (and combing it... or spending money for someone else to comb it...),  I didn't follow through.  WHAT?! I don't have the desire to spend four hours in a beauty shop on multiple days to get the color I want... UGH.  Instead, the color faded from a wine to auburn.  

Then, the summer sun cooked it to a brass-y red-brown color.

I got it straightened and trimmed a number of times and the color grew on me but my hair was fried.  I believed the only way to save it was to cut the color out.  I've cut 9 inches of hair since July.  Finally, mid-October, I was ready for change.  I did it and Hubbs is excited for my new blue hair; we both love it!!

When the sun hits it, it's gorgeous.  It's different.  It's funky.  It's--

It's me.

My hair color is my outward declaration that my personal style is not defined by what people think I should look like.  This is me.  I have blue hair.  You don't like it?  

That's cool. I don't give a FASHION what you think.

I DARE to be different!


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