Friday, January 9, 2015

Frugal Friday - Laundry Room Updates

I mentioned my 2015 journey to a better me.  While we're on the topic of improvements, I thought I'd share some of my personal victories over the holidays.  The first starts with conquering my greatest chore challenge and enemy, the laundry.

Once upon a time, there was a fabulous queen... she had many talents and wonderful traits.  She also, however, had an evil, stankin', nemesis named Laundry.  It seemed that no matter what the queen did or how hard the queen tried, dirty undies and mis-matched socks would still pile up.  The queen realized that after they were washed, even the CLEAN laundry would pile up.  It quickly became apparent the queen could only perform two of the laundry tasks at a time - sort and wash, wash and dry, dry and fold or fold and put away.  Many a towel was left to mildew as a result.  Many pairs of jeans seem permanently wrinkled due to their stint in the dryer.  For the queen, there seemed to be NO HOPE.

Then, during one winter vacation, something happened.

I am drawn to vintage posters.  I love the whimsical art and fun colors.  I planned to design our powder room around a gallery of vintage prints but that never happened because I *totally* changed my mind.

I didn't, however, stop purchasing prints.  In mid-December, I found three more prints at Goodwill for $1.99/each.  I snatched them up, brought them home and commenced to kicking myself for buying them.

It wasn't that I didn't love them. It wasn't that I didn't want them... or that I didn't LOVE them (did I say that already?).  It was that my house had become greige.  Don't make that face!  We've spoken about my desire to make this house our home (with a design that fits our personal style).  For some weird reason, when I buy things that I love but that don't necessarily 'fit' in the box, I freak out.

Those paintings, and the other 15+ in the box in the garage, were cause for my headache.  I was frustrated.  Tabitha, you don't have a place for these.  Why'd you buy them?

I went to put them in the box of other wasted beauties and pulled out a sign with a quote about the laundry room.  It hit me!

I've always wanted a pretty laundry room and NOW is the time to create one!  I started with an impromptu gallery wall:

Wait, there's more!

During a recent visit to The Village, I ventured into an area I don't typically go to.  I was excited to find a new-in-box shade for $2.99!

I purchased a tension rod for a few bucks from Target and hung it in less than five minutes.  It provides the privacy without blocking light totally.  Plus, the bows just make me smile.

As I find inspirational signs and artwork, the gallery grows.  It's in-progress but it's also fun and funky and whimsy and TOTALLY our style!

You wouldn't believe how motivated I've been to hang in the space.  We have NO laundry in the dirty basket and I've even been organizing and enjoying the clean space even more. :)

The queen is now able to complete the process of laundry.  She's also realized how many clothes her family has in the process, lol.

O! Like the recent addition to the gallery wall says, the queen and her family lived happily ever after.

Cheers to creating your ever after!


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