Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Littles - Lea, MyHoney, Superman

Over the holidays, I had lots of time for my littles.  In addition to the Christmas crew, I enjoyed some one-on-one time with my babies.

First, Lea's parents went on vacation and trusted her in my care while they were away.  You wanna talk about honored?  As a mom, I know the feeling of guilt when you ask someone to watch your child.  There's this thought of 'does this warrant a babysitter' that flashes in your mind at the inkling of abusing a sitter.  You never want your child to be a burden and, because I knew this feeling before most of my friends, I vowed to NEVER let another mother feel like their child is an inconvenience for me... I almost prefer to have time with my babies to give me my baby fix!

Back to LEA!

I snagged a cute pic of Lea during an event at church and it happened to wind up also being the day she came to my house.  We planned to get her at 11:00 p.m. the following day but got a surprise call from her parents that they needed to drop her off a whole day early.  I was tired and not quite prepared (my floors need to be squeaky clean when my Littles come over) but we got it together.  She came at close to midnight and she was wide awake with excitement most of the night... Munchface and I were exhausted the following morning on the way to church but can you guess who slept like a QUEEN most of service?

Her days with us were great!

We bathed in the sink because she likes the running water and to play for an hour!

She helped Munch with her schoolwork (yes, my child is under the bed).

I hugged and kissed and cuddled and coddled and... I think it got to be a bit much for Lea sometimes, lol.

Those faces didn't last long.  She was having a BLAST with us!

When Lea first arrived her parents told me that she was sick.  The entire time she was with us, Lea was fine... but WE got sick.  When Lea left, she was all smiles and giggles but Munch and I were struggling with sinus infections so we stayed home that day. 

I received a phone call from Lea's mom the day she left around lunchtime.  Lea wasn't feeling well and needed to return to our care. 

She napped for a few hours and woke up excited to see our faces!

If you ask me, she just needed some more auntie cuddles but, shhhh! Don't tell her mom and dad!

A few days later, we were excited to have DatMyHoney over for some fun!  We were out for lunch and playing then home for a quick nap.

MyHoney woke refreshed and ready to make some salt dough ornaments.

The girls went to WORK!

I can clearly see MyHoney is growing but the moment she borrowed Munchface's undershirt for the painting activity it all got real for me.  After painting, we bathed and put on our pajamas.  Munch was so funny because she exclaimed, "HURRY, MOMMY! Put on her footie pajamas... I just love her in footed pajamas... I can't wait to HOLD her!"

DatMyHoney wasn't having the baby treatment for long... Soon, it was time to play hide-n-seek... ONLY whatever Munch did, MyHoney did too... It made the game a little difficult but they found a way to hide, find and squeal for quite some time.

With our pajamas on and fresh-baked cookies in hand, we piled in my car and went driving through the neighborhood in search of Christmas lights.

 It was fun to blast our Christmas music, enjoy warm cookies and hunt for great light displays!  When we got home, the girls brushed their teeth and climbed in the bed for two stories.  MyHoney was amazed that Munch was reading for her and sat perfectly still.

The next morning as we got ready for church, MyHoney discovered a pair of Munch's tiny costume glasses.

There's this face you make when you KNOW *like* for sure that you're cute.  This is it:

But seriously, isn't she just delicious?


After church, before we took her home, we stopped by Panera and I enjoyed watching these two interact.

Yes, I coordinated their outfits.  It's half the fun of pretending you have two kids, lol.  DUH!

*Queue the drums*

*And the trumpets*

ISLANDERS, then IT happened.  I went to Tati's house.  I saw Superman again.  He wasn't behind any glass.  He was in real clothes (as Munch asked about in her note to Tati for his one month birthday).

There he was.  Resting... in real life... in his real clothes.  I had to take him all in.  I chuckled at how he has tiny man hands.

I admired how he had gained weight and even had enough for plump cheeks and the makings of a neck roll.

Islanders, you don't see a neck roll like that and not sniff it.  Do you understand me?  You sniff babies and you like it.  Wait.  What was that?  How did I sniff him?

O, you didn't catch that? I was close enough to sniff him because *gulp* I HELD HIM.

Tati passed him to me and his face changed.  He zoomed in and studied my face for a solid minute.  A sit-there-until-I-memorize-those-big-eyebrows WHOLE minute. So, there.

I held a superhero.  He smells like baby and he has tiny crevices on the back of his neck.

O and I'm *totally* smitten with my newest little, Superman.


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