Thursday, January 22, 2015

Birthday Week - AND WE'RE OFF!

Do you remember how I declared this a time of celebration on Fabulous Island?  I was twirling around our little island town in my tacky-yet-totally-birthday-appropriate outfit.  Apparently, no one outside of our tiny island knows that all islanders are supposed to be treated like royalty until this time of national Islander celebration ends.  Would you believe they don't even know I'm something like a big deal during this time?

I know! I was flabbergasted too!

So, if you're like me, you were surprised to learn the world still turns on its axis and life didn't completely stop during this birthday month of mine.  So, what have I been up to?

Well, I've been putting my new reading glasses to good use with a few purchases from The Dollar Tree:

We supported our extended family by attending a fashion show to benefit cancer survivors in our area.

Lea stayed over (she only likes her Titi's food if she can help it, lol).

I made a Foofa-inspired tutu:

I attended a lesson on icing techniques hosted by the Women's Ministry at my church:

I'll definitely have to share how I'm striving to be a Sugar Cookie kind of woman in a future post.  It was a great time with the ladies of RLCC.

Hubbs and I had an Executive Suite to ourselves while we enjoyed a Wizards game on Monday, January 19th.

We finished our afternoon in DC with a great sampling of various seafood rolls at a local DC spot.

I've had some awesome lunch dates with friends during my birthday week. Hello, sake and fried cheesecake!

I may have been busy this past week but I'd say 32 is off to an awesome start.

What about you?  How's your 2015 going so far?


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