Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Fun- and Fellowship-filled Time

Hi, Islanders!

This past weekend was epic.  We were busy but rested, out-n-about but accomplishing home tasks; I'm confused just thinking about it!!

Friday, the youth ministry hosted an Ignite (glow party) worship.  I really liked some of the cool shots I was able to capture with my iPhone.

We invited area churches and had a guest preacher bring an age-appropriate message for our youth.  Matt, the Youth Pastor from Hope Presbyterian, was awesome!

After the worship service, it was time for the lock-in fun!  The children were split into age groups and had all kinds of fun playing games.  Mrs. Dianna played messy games with the children into the night!

The marshmallow toss was a hit!  Shaving cream on top of shower caps served as the only protection the "targets" had from the flying mini marshmallows.

The next game was called Worm Pie Hunt.  Each player got a pie pan with two gummy worms in it.  

The first player to find and eat both worms won!  

I guess Munchface earned her name that night, lol.  She gobbled up both worms in no time.  She may have been the first to win but all of the little ones had a blast making a mess!

The fun went into the night!  

Saturday, we spent the day cleaning.

That afternoon, Munch and I visited a church with my parents and brother, Dave.  Munch was the youngest in attendance and was so well-behaved.  I snagged a pic of her shoes.  She sat like such a little lady most of the time (she did wind up criss-crossed apple sauce by the end).

It was a great time with the fam!

Sunday, the youth ministry led worship service and, as the Youth Praise Team director, I was super excited to see their hard work and effort be a blessing in Sunday morning worship!  It was AWESOME!  After church, we returned home for food and prep because Munch is spending Spring Break with the grandparents!  What have Hubbs and I been doing in her absence?  Oh, nothing!  Just [mis]behaving like big kids!

Foot rubs and late night movies on Monday.

Pedicures, shopping and sushi...

Chatting, cuddling and catching up on dates have been lots of fun!  I've had an awesome week and I'm preparing for an awesome weekend celebrating Easter with family and friends!

What are your plans for the weekend?  OMG and how rude of me!  What did you do this past weekend?


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