Friday, April 17, 2015

Frugal Friday - Spring Around Our Place

Did you see the guest room #2 update this past Wednesday?  No?!  Well, here's the image from our WW post this week:

I took that photo two months ago because I was amazed at how I planned the space design and pulled the design together buying only things I loved; it's really coming together wonderfully!  The bottom coral fabric is the bed linen... a pillowcase I pulled from the bedding package.  I love the reversible design but I'm debating on a cream down comforter with the quilt folded under or at the foot of the bed.  I really want that Pottery Barn and hotel feeling, ya know?

Do you see how there's texture and fluff and quilts and duvets and throws and cream and print and big and small and... it's just one big ol' pile o' pretty and I want to sleep in something that!  Anyhoo, I digress...

The top two pillows in the WW picture (cream netting and navy/cream rosettes) were purchased from The Village Thrift Store for $1.99 each.  The navy chevron pillow (lower right) was purchased from Target on clearance for a few bucks (like $4, I believe).  Oh, and that little framed shell was a souvenir from Mike's vacation to Hawaii this past January.  I've got other decor pieces to pull it together and, get this, Target's preppy beach collection is back! You know I'm hype, right?! Unlike last year, I will DEFINITELY purchase the pieces I love before it's too late!

Moral of the guest room update?  Progress is happening and I'm happy about it.  I just need to get the bed.  Once I have a bed, I'll be in business!

Other Spring updates include:

Kitchen decor:

I got that cute rabbit oil warmer from the Village with the original Seaport Antiques price tag.  It was labeled antique and handmade.  Seaport Antiques is in Delaware. I always wonder the story of unique finds like this... where did you come from, sweet bunny? How'd you wind up unused and in a thrift store for $2?  Yes, I was alone when I bought it and, yes, for your information, I do know my inner granny won the battle!  That's what happens when I'm by myself.  Who gon' check me, boo?

The first day of Spring, I pulled out the tulip pitcher centerpiece for the kitchen table.  I've had it since Thanksgiving and, yes, I've been DYING to see it on the table.  I also put out the Target clearance napkins from last summer and the wooden napkin rings (Village purchase 6/$.90).

Something about tulips feels like spring to me and I kept that in mind as I pulled decor together throughout the house.

Front Door Wreath

When I saw that straw umbrella at Goodwill for $1.99, I had to have it.  It's the perfect entry wreath for events (baby showers and bridal showers, helloooo?!).  On a recent rainy April afternoon, I decided to shove some fake tulips inside of it and hang it on the door.  On that same evening, Munchface was cleaning her room and asked if I wanted to keep the ribbon Grandma Lisa used on her Easter basket.  I think the pink burlap ribbon made a nice addition to the umbrella, don't you?  Nuke didn't care for it but what's he know?

I have to crop him out of most pics lately... something I didn't consider when we first got him.

If it isn't HIM, it's his junk.

Let's just move on because he and I don't agree on decor at all. He thinks his bones belong in the main living and WALKING areas of the home (ouch!).

I like to add seasonal decor to the powder room.  While I was pulling out some of Munch's artwork, I realized the kid has some skills.

I'll share more about that later but I just love her artwork!  Speaking of artwork, I thought I'd create a spring mantle in the family room with little eggs and, well, junk.  I've come to terms with my new 'clean' sense of home style.  I love how it looks in styled shoots and on fancy-pants blogs but, in my own home, I prefer to have clear surfaces.  The mantle got a simple arrangement and that's it.

Those flowers were in my big jackpot purchase!  I paid less for big box of flowers than each of these stems were tagged.  Oh, you heard correctly.  Each stem still had the Pier1 price tag on it!  I found an old vase in the garage and it looks great!

Other family room updates include the coffee table's tulip arrangement.

Oh, and let's not forget the pink votive holder-turned-planter on the console table.

The dining room didn't get a major update.  I did, however, place the candle holder I got from The Village on the table.

$7.90.  I know it sounds pricier than I normally pay but I could feel its quality when I picked it up; that thing is heavy!  I always flip things over to check where it comes from and:

The Nordstrom at Home collection is a nice quality collection that retails for a LOT more than $7.90!

I love how it compliments the other 'gilver' elements in the room.  Oh, and you know I had to find it on the website, right?

The price wasn't available but just seeing it on the site made me feel great.  I got a deal!

Other than that, I'm focusing on cleaning up spaces and clearing things out for the Spring Sidewalk Sale!

Have you updated your Spring decor or started any projects? If so, I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments :)


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