Thursday, July 21, 2016

DIY Tiffany-inspired Water Bottle Labels

Yesterday, I shared a peek at the adorable water bottles from Melina's baby shower.  

 Mrs.  Lucy, Melina’s mom, had plans for the water bottles but, as the date neared, her plans took a backseat to more pressing matters.  During one of our daily calls, Mrs. Lucy mentioned the water bottles and I volunteered to take care of them.  No big deal… right? 

Well, remember how I mentioned Mrs. Lucy had other pressing matters?  Those ‘matters’ were of the sparkling nature; she was bedazzling and bejeweling as many elements of this shower as possible.  Her eye for detail was a blessing and, when it came to executing every detail in her head, it was also a curse.  To give you an idea of her level of detail, I’ll share the cups story with you.

What’s the cups story, you ask?  It’s the story of balancing awesome ideas with the pressure of a creeping timeline.  Mrs. Lucy was on top of her shower planning timeline.  She started shopping weeks in advance and was crossing tasks off the list.  

She purchased beautiful jars for drinking and decided to jazz them up.

-          She glued jewels around the lid
-          She drilled a hole in the center for the straw
-          She tied tulle around the lid for a frilly touch

She was making each jar a fabulous keepsake.  She was sparkling and dazzling and jeweling and gluing and cutting and drilling and… well, she started to panic.  The shower was approaching and she realized the cups would be ready but other tasks would fall off the to-do list.

I volunteered to take care of the water bottles but I was sure the typical printed labels wouldn’t be enough for Mrs. Lucy's vision for the event.  Instead, I created four variations of Tiffany-inspired labels.

What You Need:

-          Card stock
-          Glue
-          Embellishments (monogram stickers, ribbon, and/or sticker pearls)

What You Do:

1.  Remove one water bottle label to determine the length and width needed for the label.  Cut the card stock to size.

2.  Glue the card stock label around the water bottle

3. Embellish.

For the pearl necklace label, I purchased a sheet of sticker pearls, I cut a strip and ‘looped’ it in the desired shape to mimic a necklace.

For the monogram label, I purchased a pack of the letter I needed from Michael’s (I believe it was $2 for 20 small round monogram stickers).  I placed the sticker centered on the card stock label.

For the bow labels, I tied a bow around the label and dabbed glue to keep it in place.

For the crystal labels, I wrapped the bottle with crystal embellishments and dabbed glue to keep it in place.

These water bottle labels were unique and easy to assemble.  The three-dimensional embellishments were next-level and, as you can imagine, Mrs. Lucy loved the attention to detail.

If you're looking to create simple and affordable custom water bottle labels, consider purchasing a few pieces of paper and theme-specific embellishments (like stickers)!  The results are awesome and the process is super easy!

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