Monday, January 10, 2011

My stuff has coats...

...OF SPRAY PAINT THAT IS! My name is Tabitha and...well, this isn't easy, ya know? I have an addiction.  I buy things with the intent to change the color.  Is that bad? TO LITERALLY pick up something and say it would work if it were just the right shade of -- WAIT! That's where my addiction gets focused... my preferred color weapon of choice is WHITE! It's clean, chic, modern, unifying, just *perfect* and great and... have I said perfect? I am a certifiable white spray paint addict.  An I-think-I-have-a-permanent-cramp-in-my-pointer-finger-from-the-act-of-spray-painting kind of addict... It's a problem and I. love. it.

It's not a BAD problem just makes me think, if I like something, COLOR doesn't make me not buy it! I have the power to instantly update a piece to perfectly match my room for $1 (or less). CRAZINESS I know but I was taught a long time ago that color is not a boundary in life unless you LET it be. I was raised by parents who taught me everyone is brown, we're just different shades... As the only minority in my class, this mindset leveled the playing field and made the mental road block of my color SUDDENLY non-existent.  I learned to think independently of others and, to this day, march to the beat of my own drum... I like to think the world is watching so sometimes I give them a show to behold (like when I let my hair BLOW in the wind or sing out loud on the metro...) BUT THIS WHOLE SPRAY PAINT THING?! I MUST SHARE WITH SOMEONE so I'm not the only one getting locked up in the crazy house when I start spray painting sock bottoms white :)

It started with munchface's room. I wanted a Princess and the Frog theme without it being theme-y, ya know? Something about character sheets and blankets that everyone else has just puts me off... Anyways, while in Ross...I stumbled upon this garden statue of a ballerina know that garden gnome color that's like brownish green (as if it's already conditioned for bugs and outdoor conditions)? Well, THAT's the color it was...but it was cute and the perfect size and REALLY spoke to me (I think I said something like that to hubs when I carried it in the house)... $6 later, it was in my car and on the shelf in munchface's room.  Though, something was off, no matter where I put it, the frog was just...a garden frog and THAT needed to change.  2 coats of white spray paint later, I had a fabulous ballerina frog that was fresh and girly and...perfect! I spray painted all of munch's frames for her room white, found a green, lavender and white bedding that was a perfect mix of polka dots, and stripes.  WOW, the bedroom was on its way Fabville! YAY!

I've been on the hunt for some overhead lighting in munchface's room. The tiny size makes every surface important and every piece important - there's room for smart design choices ONLY! Requirements: girly, sparkle, lamp (it couldn't be permanent for when if I change my mind).  Long story short, to Goodwill I went. I found a Brass (gross) chandelier for $4 (GREAT). I know!! It was one of those, 'if it were in my house, I'd probably snatch it from the wall and replace it too' kind of chandeliers... BUT, it was the right size and I knew my spray paint would spruce it up... Re-cap:

$4 victim + 3 coats of white spray paint (that I buy like toilet paper when I run out) + $2 lamp kit + leftover rhinestones, and an ornament AND she's beautiful... I made a cord cover (in the background) but check her out:

The mounting happened during Zion's bath time.  She came out of the tub eyes wide and said, "IT'S! BEAUTIFUL!"  *insert girly squeal-y happy dance in a towel... until it fell on the floor.  OMG go lotion your hindparts, the lamp isn't going anywhere, child!*

I love that she loved it but I promise, after all that work, her approval didn't matter!  I'll get around to posting some pics of things I've changed and, my mom has chandelier shades that I will be girly-ing but, for now... I really want to enjoy the chandelier.  O and I want to thank my hubs for helping to make this small dose of fabulous possible. He went into the attic (eek!) to figure out the location and, after like 4 holes, we had it up! I could stare at it all day :)


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