Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 15: Foam Core Board Monogram Wreaths

Yesterday, I shared a trio wreath design where I used foam core to create a monogram and covered it with a Halloween tinsel garland sold at the Dollar Tree (DT).

Do you remember how I used foam core board to create the letter -b?  Well, it reminded me of the flower monogram entry wreath I created years ago for Tati's bridal shower.

I wanted to share the tutorial with you today because all of my supplies were purchased from DT and the monogram wreath is SO popular these days!

--- Pause ---

When I say popular, I mean expensive.  Check out this letter I found that costs a WHOPPING $95+ shipping!!

$95?!  It's beautiful but I know I can create a monogram letter using the ivory and cream floral selection at DT.  I'm also confident you could create your own version for less than $15.  Here's how.

- Foam core board
- A variety (I got $12 worth) of flowers
- Hot glue gun and glue
- Scissors
- Ribbon


1. Trace your shape onto the foam core(letter, number or silhouette/character).

2.  Use the scissors to cut out your shape.  Note: don't worry about cutting it perfectly, the flowers will cover the edges.

3.  Remove flower heads from stems.  Note: artificial flowers have a large plastic backing used to attach to the stem. For some of the flowers used, it was necessary for me to remove this backing so the flower would lay flat and NOT expose the poster board underneath.

4. Cover the board (NO GLUING YET) with the flowers. This helps to plan what flowers go where and will let you know if you don't have enough and if you need to cut the shape down.

5.  Once your shape matches your amount of flowers, glue glue and GLUE the flowers to the foam core board.

6.  Flip the shape over.  Glue the ribbon to the back (either for a bow or a loop).

ENJOY the fabulous floral shape at your next event.  Wouldn't it look great at an entrance or above a focal table or hanging on a backdrop for a photo-op? The possibilities are endless AND, after the party, guests of honor can use it for their own door decor OR hang it in their home!

I recommend using one color family for your flower choices.  Doing so will help your design look expensive.  Some other ideas to take this concept to the next level:

- Cut the age of your guest of honor and cover it with the character to fit your theme (comic book pages? map? Disney characters? moss? shells, etc.)

- Cover your foam core board with poms or rosettes or line it with Christmas lights (for a marquee effect)

- Hang one above your feature table.

- Give one as a teacher gift.

- Consider making one for the entire name of your guest of honor.  I bet it'd be cheaper than those $10/each letter balloons.

- Use numbers for graduation or birthday parties (maybe even dates for bridal/baby showers?) instead of letters

- Hang it as a monogram wreath on your front door, over the fireplace or in your bedroom

Do you need more inspiration for monogram wreaths?  All of the above images were found in a search here.  I am confident you can make your own variation for ALL of them using DT craft supplies; the possibilities are endless!  Make one for your next event or for your home decor and be sure to enjoy the AFFORDABLE options at your local Dollar Tree!  

Isn't it amazing what you can come up with when you just LOOK for ways to make it affordable?


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