Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 21: Bowl+Plate = Blate?!

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.
Yesterday, I shared some of the fabulous dishes at the Dollar Tree.

I looked closely at the Williams-Sonoma plate and I realized it costs $43.95 for the SALAD plates!  I can only imagine how much the dinner plates cost!  In the post, I mentioned I decided not to purchase and instead, I stuck with my white dishes.  Years ago I replaced all of our dishes with a bright white set from Target.  
It really brought uniformity to our cabinet, makes our food look more appealing and allows me to pick up an assortment of white dishes without the worry that they won't match.  Instead of purchasing the fabulous turquoise dishes at DT, I purchased four blates.  Yes, blates... as in bowl+plate = blate.  

The DT label lists them as bowls but, in my opinion, if it can't hold a cup of soup or cereal, it's not a bowl.  Now, although I may not consider this to be a bowl, I do have a serious need for them!  We eat spaghetti or a pasta dish once a week.  I hate chasing my sauce around the plate!  These bowls were put to the test holding my sausage and pepper rigatoni.

They passed with flying colors!  I know. I owe you the recipe for this dish; it's so easy and SO yummy.  It's coming. One day.  Soon.  With the new blates (say it, you know you wanna), it's even easier to enjoy!

The blates complete the Royal Norfolk Contemporary plate collection and look really expensive.  The best part is this is just one of many white sets sold at DT.  

There's the Royal Norfolk Classic White collection:
There's the Bead-Rimmed collection:
There's the Gold-Rimmed White Stoneware:
OMG!  The large round ivory plates are a total dupe for the Target decorative dinner plates!
Aren't the triangular white plates gorgeous too?

If you're in the market for place settings and want to get the most bang for your buck, check out the selection at DT (here).  You will not be disappointed.  Here are some ideas for the plates:

- Looking for an affordable housewarming or newlywed gift? Place 4 sets of dishes in a large basket OR stack two plates and two bowls then cover with a clear cellophane [basket] bag and top with a large bow.
- Planning a wedding?  It's cheaper to buy bright white dishes from DT than it is to RENT them!  Order in bulk online (or in store) wash and give to your caterer to place at each setting.
- Hosting a big family dinner?  Consider having fancy affordable china and impress your guests!
- Buy a variety of white plates and use them to create a feature wall in your home.  You can use seasonal vinyl stickers or other decor to make the wall fit every season/holiday!

- Set-up a mug decorating station and let guests decorate their very own mug using permanent marker.  Bake them at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and bag them up for guests to take as favors.  The white mugs are PERFECT for this project!  We used them for Christmas mugs two years ago, remember?

- Use the white dishes to create unique food buffet displays.  These square plates at DT would work perfectly for food platters!
Their low profile is great for food buffets!  You can even place them on top of boxes wrapped in coordinating paper to add visual interest and height!

Islanders, it's day 21.  I hope by now you realize you don't have to spend a fortune to have nice things.  Don't let the worry of price make you think you have to settle for paper or plastic!  Head over to the DT, take a couple of dollars, and invest in your space.  The return will far exceed the expense!



  1. I just love the Dollar Tree! It is amazing how much you can save there! Love the decor with the vinyl stickers too!

  2. I love the Dollar Tree too! I've thoroughly enjoyed this series and, seriously, who doesn't love a good plate wall, right?! Thanks for stopping by!


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