Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 25: Mirrored Vase DIY

Hi, Islanders!  

I found these mirrored candle holders at the Dollar Tree and made a fabulous vase!  I'm sharing this quick tutorial, because with $5 and 5 minutes, you can make a beautiful vase that dupes those sold for 5 times more!

What You’ll Need:

-          Five (5) square mirror candle holders.
-          Hot glue gun
-          Duct Tape

What To Do:

1. Lay your mirrors on the floor.  Be sure the center one faces mirror side up as the bottom has felt to protect your tabletop’s surface.

2. Apply a strip of duct tape to connect the center mirror to the other mirrors.  Be sure all sides are connected as tightly as possible.

3.  From the inside of your vase, glue two mirrors together.  Be sure to apply your glue as close to the seams as possible (demonstrated in photo below).  Hold the mirrors in place for 10 seconds or until glue sets. 

4.  Repeat step 3 until all sides are glued.

5.  Enjoy your glamorous mirrored vase! 

Note:  this vase is not waterproof!  If you would like to display fresh flowers inside, be sure to use another cup or smaller vase to eliminate the risk of a leak!

Other ideas for this project include;

- Use it on a vanity to hold makeup brushes.
- Purchase a sixth mirror and use it as a lid to transform your vase into a jewelry or gift box.  Remember NOT to glue your top!
- Use it to hold wedding centerpieces (it's 75% cheaper than most retailers!).
- Make an odd number of vases and use them to create a unique tablescape for the holidays!

The possibilities are endless and the price tag is mind blowing! If you make this cheap and chic DIY project, be sure to comment and let me know! You can also feel free to post it on the Facebook page; I love to see your projects!


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