Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Target Knockoffs at Goodwill!

Hey, Islanders!  Once Labor Day passes, I get in the mood to nest.  I want to clean and cook and bake and, well, that means lots of goodies for you!  It's kind of ironic to feel like nesting because I usually kickoff my nesting season with a good purchase and, currently, I'm on a home decor shopping break for awhile.  The house is at a done state but, not to worry, I've got lots to share!

Today, I'm sharing a recent thrifty find.  It's from Goodwill and I love love LOVE it.  I've shared some family room updates.  We've talked about this room's paint, the photo gallery, thrifty finds and some of the artwork and furniture.  I was pretty pleased with most of the family room; it's coming along nicely.  I felt, however, like one area was missing something.

Can you see that wall area on the other side of the fireplace in the photo above?  It just seemed like a blank canvas... Don't get me wrong, I love a blank wall and use intentional decor on my walls but this space felt like it was waiting on SOMETHING.  I thought of creating a large scrabble board using canvases and wooden letters to connect words like family, love, fun, etc. After careful consideration, I decided it might distract from the feature wall of photos.

You know I love that photo wall, Islanders.  It's pretty epic in my book.  I wanted to incorporate a large piece made of wood.  Truthfully, I think I was motivated by how fabulously the woven tray worked in the seaside guest room.

I tried to find a large piece in a few of my favorite places.

I saw a few pieces at Target I loved.  They were priced no less than $40.  Again, I loved them but, with our decision to put home decor purchases on pause, I knew they weren't an option for my budget.  Then, on a trip to Goodwill -- I know, I know.  What was I doing in Goodwill in a 'no shopping' time?  Don't judge me.  You know I love a good deal, Islanders. I'm a recovering deal-a-holic or something. I don't know.  Wait, do I sense judgment in this is judgment-free zone?  *rolls eyes*

Anyhoo, I went to Goodwill and I don't feel bad about it.  As a matter of fact, it's a good thing I did; I saw something that would meet my wall decor needs and fit my budget.

$4.99?!  I had to buy it.  It was wood, it was huge and it was so cheap!  I hurried home and hung it in the space.  It fit perfectly.

It's very large.

I love that it sits off the wall so the shadow gives an illusion that increases its size.

I also love that it's a blend of both light and dark wood so it can work in multiple spaces... Oh, you don't believe me?  Here's a pic I snapped in the basement:

Islanders, I got TWO for $4.99!  They are about 3 feet in diameter and would DEFINITELY cost 10 times that amount individually, but two?!  For that price?! I'd say that's worth a celebration clap!

I've said it time and time again, home decor doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to come from a large chain store.  You can find fabulous, unique pieces at your neighborhood thrift stores.  I've also learned that most thrift stores have value days where their already cheap merchandise is marked down even more!  Go now and FIND your fabulous items for less!


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