Friday, December 14, 2012

Handmade Christmas - 2012

When Hubbs and I first got together, we exchanged handmade gifts for Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I remember us going to the store together, buying the supplies and rushing home to respective areas of our home to make something special for each other... We would yell to each other when we were done and present the handmade cards/gifts at midnight. 

I remember the expectant silence as we read sweet words and then the playful argument over whose card was better "designed"...  I have to admit, back in his day, Hubbs had a way with gluing... He was *like* boss glitter application and never made a mess.  I guess, as he's gotten cooler over the years, that skill has gone away, ha. 

We still have a lot of traditions (the family ornament, the decorating, the mom tree, the letter from Santa on Christmas morning, the baking for the reindeer and Santa, etc.).  I shouldn't be too disappointed that we don't share this one anymore... I can't be but I am, lol.

We are a handmade family(although Hubbs would often times rather purchase or do without the crafty mess, lol).  Every year, we give family handmade gifts.  Gifts are usually baked goods (I'll share some in coming days) or crafts (made by Munch).  Handmade gifts make GREAT gifts.  Here are some GREAT gifts that are handmade, affordable and ADORABLE!

Bath Bombs

TWIZ the Season

Easy and Beautiful Artwork

Who wouldn't love a custom piece of beautiful artwork.  Check out these easy and fabulous pieces and feel free to click the source links to learn more!



The list goes on and on... Statement jewelry? DIY it! 


DISCLAIMER:  If you're new to DIY giving, you may need to provide a heads-up OR it's even sweeter to MAKE a card that will accompany your gift.  Michael's has a number of papers and punches to make a fabulous card.  Inside, write a heartfelt note that explains the gift and your approach to a homemade Christmas this year.

Best of luck with MAKING your Christmas fabulous.

Be sure to stay tuned for more homemade gifts.  I've got some adorable and easy kid-friendly projects and delicious recipes to share!

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