Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Made In Paris - Straw Flags.

I love paper straws... They're one of those details that just make me swoon...

Nothing like a pretty drink with a pretty straw... and a straw with a pretty straw flag!  I purchased a printable party package and it included straw flags.  One of the first few crafts I did for the shower? Cutting and gluing the straw flags... As is typical when I do things early, I couldn't settle on 1 design so I had multiple.  They all were very cute but the ribbons were my fave:

I took ribbon included in the favor box kit (purchased in the bridal department at Walmart) and looped it around the straw.  2 dabs of glue (1 on the ribbon where the 'loop' met and 1 on the straw to hold the ribbon in place).

The others were just remixed versions of the typical paper flags and are pretty easy to create.  The printable package I purchased provided straw flags in a variety of pink and gray prints.  I used them to create several variations.  Some examples included the pennant flag (shaped like a triangle), the traditional triangle flag (I cute a 'v' into the ends), the ripple (had a 3-point ruffle glued to the side, and the aforementioned ribbon flag. 

Again, I completed tasks like this pretty early on to ensure these little details weren't lost in translation!

No big deal, just wanted to share some of the small details that helped bring it all together :)


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