Monday, February 4, 2013

Made In Paris - Frame Decor.

Some of the easiest things to pull from your home and use as event decor are picture frames.  I purchased a few and pulled some from our home to use throughout the space.  Here's a quick tutorial to help you use what you have to make a statement at your next event.

Picture Frame Decor

Scrapbook Paper
Coordinating Stickers

1.  Remove the glass from the frame
2.  On the back side of your scrapbook paper, trace the shape of the glass
3.  Cut out the shape
4.  Place the paper in the frame then the glass behind it.
5.  Place the coordinating sticker on top of the paper and BOOM!

Fabulous :)

I love to use frames throughout the space.  They're great for menus, directions, labeling stations and, as shown above, can serve as decor too!

With $1/sheet scrapbook paper and a $4 pack of stickers, the possibilities are endless with frames you already have!


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