Thursday, February 14, 2013

Real People Real Love

I know it's Valentine's Day but I need to take you back to Christmas for just a moment.

My dad is Santa.  Every year he and my mom go allll out for Christmas.  Like, ALLLL  out.  This year, dad took the lead for gifts.  He even wrapped them by himself.

Ryan got the awesome full-body mirror with jewelry storage that she wanted:

Munch got the American Girl double stroller she wanted:

We all got amazing gifts... He certainly did an amazing job wrapping...

Do you see those bows?  Crafting must run in my blood.

There was 1 tiny box left under the tree.

Dad took the box and gave it to mom. 

"Here you go, baby."

It was a small box.  Its contents? 2 beautiful diamond earrings.  Mom gasped and teared up... She needed Ryan to help her put the big ol' rocks in her ears.  While they figured out the screwbacks on the earrings, the guys seemed weird... 

Dad glanced at me and pulled another box from his pocket.  He quickly opened it to reveal a beautiful ring and shut it.


Who does that?  Now, I'm tearing up... I'm biting my lip.  My brothers are telling me to get it together and I can't.  Mom has her face turned away from dad (head slightly tilted) because she's putting on her earring.  I guess my reaction made dad quickly get on one knee so when she turned to show the earrings, he was waiting, ring in hand, and lovingly said,

"...Because sometimes you have to do it again."

She asked for his glasses to see it better.

He asked for them back to see it better too. It was a cute moment seeing them pass the glasses back and forth.

Mom explained that she washed her hands at work and left her ring on the sink just-about 2 years ago.  She's been wearing a fake ring ever since.  Dad said she wasn't getting another ring (just for the principal) plus, after 30+ years of marriage, the ring does not MAKE them a married couple. 

It's one of those interesting things about marriage.  Some plan a great wedding and buy a fabulous diamond but don't have a great and fabulous marriage to match.

A great relationship is not in the sparkles and bling; it's in the choice 2 people make to work things out.


Just a little reminder that bumps and bruises will come but LOVE is enjoying the ride together.

Happy Valentine's Day... May you enjoy your perfectly imperfect loved ones today and everyday!



  1. Awwww! I love love!!! :-)

  2. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing that wonderful moment. How precious!

  3. Great post. Im in tears. Thanks for the love reminders.:)

  4. This is so beautiful :) Love...the real's so powerful.

  5. Ughh quit making me cryyy! You have such beautiful, loving parents. xo


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