Monday, February 11, 2013

Dirty30 - The Weekend.

My birthday was nothing short of amazing!  I rang 30 in the only way I knew how - FABULOUSLY.


The weekend started with a surprise from Hubbs.  Z and I ran some errands and returned home to this cute little setting in the dining room:

While I took it all in, Munchface squinted in the darkness and said, "Mommy, I think Daddy's sitting over there in the corner."

FYI: I'm a chicken when it comes to stuff like that... O and I gave birth to a chicken when it comes to stuff like that.  If ever you decide to hide in the dark and be all weird on account of me, either don't or expect to get beat up like a stranger in the street.  Justsayin'

I turned on the light and to my screaming, jumping, freaking out surprise, there he was.  He responded with a creepy, "hellooo."  That REALLY made us freak out.

We enjoyed the food while he explained this was the beginning to a birthday weekend that won't suck.

He was right.

Munch and I woke early to meet Dani for a girls' day of pampering.  We got our nails done, had lunch, did a little shopping and returned to her place to get ready for my Girls' Night Out. 

This mama still has it!

I met my girlfriends at Eatonville in Washington, D.C.  When I tell you loads of people were in the streets, believe me.  There were about 100 people waiting to be seated at our restaurant but our reservations made me feel like a VIP! 

Good food.

Good conversation.

Great friends.

I tried mussels.  They weren't bad; I just had to chew really fast and not look at it.

It was a great time and I'm thankful for the friends I have in my life.  They all rock my world.

I returned home and, at midnight, rang in my official birthday with Hubbs, Nena and her husband, Chris, and our kiddos.  I stayed up way too late but woke in time for church.

That's right.  I was in church praising God for another year, another milestone, another day, another blessing and, most importantly, another opportunity to be a blessing.

I was also surprised when my mommy presented me with a pretty birthday cake! It was gorgeous!  She had Happy birthday on the purse and the brand tag said Embellished Affairs (the name of my event planning company)...

After cutting and serving my own birthday cake (perks of being the event planner, lol), my family took me for a nice brunch at Bravo!  

It was delish!

Hubbs and I left the brunch with plans to spend the afternoon together but all that partying and food really made himus sleepy.  I opened my fab gifts from Hubbs and then hewe took a nap.  I got some fab gifts - Dre Beats headphones and some awesome gym shoes:

Rested and happy, I spent the rest of my 30th birthday surrounded by family and friends; it was a weekend full of my favorite things :)

Of course, I prepped for the Dirty30 cruise with lots of shopping and pampering because the cruise was my OFFICIAL birthday celebration.  

Stay tuned for all of the deets!



  1. Glad you have a fab birthday! Maybe you can send Matt some pointers for mine in March! ;)

  2. LOVE the cake! Too cute!

  3. Love the cake! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday.


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