Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hula Hoop Chandelier.

Can we talk about lanterns?
I feel the same way about lanterns as I do about poms.  All things should add to the décor and make a statement.  The most powerful statements are those made when décor elements are done on a large scale or grouped together.  Something about random lanterns or poms sloppily dangling from the ceiling gives me hives.
For example, if I have 5 poms, rather than scatter them all over a room, I'll hang them in a particular area to create a focal point. 
Check out this lantern grouping I did for a client's wedding a few years back:
It was awesome and, focusing the placement over the dance floor only, really helped to bring the eye toward the party area.
For the Masquerade bridal shower, I wanted a focal point.  I also wanted to try something new.  I came up with a chandelier idea.  A cluster of poms, lanterns, pinwheels and feathers over the gift table. 
How could I create such a thing?
As usual, I ran to my local Dollar Tree for the answer.  There were small hula hoops and it hit me!
I could use the hoop as the base for my chandelier!  It's large enough to support the weight and to define the scale.
Hula Hoop Chandelier
- Tissue Paper Poms
- Pinwheels (paper décor sold at any party store)
- Paper lanterns
- Fishing wire
- Feather boa
- Duct tape
1. Assemble décor elements for hanging according to package instructions
2. Use duct tape to create a grid in your hula hoop's center like so:
The duct tape grid will simplify spacing and ensure ease-of-hanging for the décor elements.
3. Using your fishing wire, hang your larger décor elements within the hula hoop grid.  Be careful of spacing and varying height. 
Note: for some of the heavier items, place the string through the desired space but tie it securely to the frame of the hula hoop rather than the duct tape.
4.  Working from the largest to smallest décor items, fill in gaps with the other décor elements. 
My order went as follows:
Tissue poms
Feather Poms (the heaviest items)
Your chandelier is DONE!
5.  Use a non-abrasive clear tape to adhere it to the ceiling
6.  Cover the tape with the boa, I simply tucked the boa around the edges of the hula hoop
It was a conversation piece and, rather than skimping with little items all over the ceiling, I made 1 statement over the gift table.
Remember: it's better to have the right décor make a BIG statement than it is to have a lot of décor say nothing at all.
If I'm going to spend my time and money on décor, it needs to serve my event well.  In this case, I was pleased with the product but I was more pleased that others wanted to use it as a backdrop for memories.
When you make something, make it count.
Have you broken the mold with a craft?  Share your posts or ideas in the comments section.
You know I just loves me some comments!

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  1. What a great way to decorate! Gotta love the dollar store!


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