Friday, June 14, 2013

Masquerade Shower: The Games and Fun.

Guests enjoyed the buffet while we awaited the arrival of our lovely bride.  We piled by the entrance and cheered as Deb came strutting through the front door. 

To kick things off, I announced that typically masquerades celebrate magic and mystery.  This Masquerade is a celebration of our beloved Mrs.-to-Be (get it? MYS-TER-Y and MRS-TO-BE?! LOL, this dork was SO proud of her cheesy self).

I handed Deb her mask. 

I ordered a pretty mask off eBay but I wanted to fancy it up with feathers.  All it took was gluing craft feathers to the back:

 She looked fabulous:
Now, we were ready to begin. 
The Ice Breaker
 Each guest received a checklist of how they met Deborah.  The first person to complete the list won!
Bridal Walk Off
I came up with this game years ago for my sister-in-law's bridal shower.  It is always a LOT of fun.  Let's just say, the bridal runway walk off got real... Like, really real.
The top 3 came down the aisle in their own special way...
Deb chose a winner and then had to stomp the runway aisle herself:
The Purse Game
After we worked up a sweat from the walk off (you saw the blurry body parts, I told you that it got serious, lol), we played a game where guests dug into their purse for items Gloriana called off a list. 
We went through the list and it came down to 2 players.  The deciding factor?  The picture of the bride.  While Shaunita had a pic of the bride (taken with her cell phone at the bridal shower just moments before, lol):
Karen had a picture from her Throwback Thursday Instagram post awhile back in her phone.  She was all, "AND WHAT?!"
1997??  Folks, we have a winner, lol.
The Toilet Paper Dress
You may recall my Wordless Wednesday post this week:
Well, these ladies were serious about their dress skills.  The funny part was the poor model's face.  I heard her say, "why is my butt hot, ya'll?!"
When time was up, all of the models struck a pose for the bride to choose the lucky winners.
The team with the ring (pictured below) won:
They didn't use the hot glue gun but they borrowed décor to create accessories (like a belt, a headpiece, a ring and a necklace, lol).
Mask Competition
I set-up a small mask decorating station for guests on the coffee table.  I planned to purchase plain craft masks but they were sold 3/pack for $6.00... Uhhhh, SIKE!  I bought the bear-shaped craft masks which were sold by the dozen for only $3.00.  If someone didn't want the ears, they could cut them off.
I positioned Deb in front of the photo booth area and had the ladies runway walk to her for judging.  At the end of the aisle, each guest got their photo taken with the bride.  Check out some of the pics:
Our bride chose the winner and then it was time for cake and gifts!
While she opened gifts, I put together a quick rehearsal bouquet. 
The tradition is that a member of the bridal party uses supplies from gift wrapping at the bridal shower to create the bride's rehearsal bouquet.  In our case, Deb wasn't having a formal rehearsal in Vegas so we used the bouquet in the group photo-op instead.
The Bride-to-be and her Maids:
It truly was a great time for all!
Tune in Monday for the bridal shower favors because we're about to wrap this party up!

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