Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally - The Wedding Day.

While Deb got her hair done, I had my gel manicure REdone (don't ask... what is supposed to last 2 weeks didn't last 2 hours and you KNOW I was annoyed by that!).  Deb and I ran to walmart to pick-up some last minute roses as filler for the flower girl floral pom.

When we arrived back to the room, it hit us.  Deb was ACTUALLY getting married.  We started happy dancing in the hotel room.  In the middle of dancing, I clicked a few pics:

As you can see, I wore my red shirt with hearts (for the day of LOVE) and she wore her turquoise shorts and BRIDE tank... Turquoise? Check.  Red? Check.  Hearts? Bride? Hair? Check. Check. CHECK!
We were ready to kick things off!

Lunch was delivered and it was delish.  One of the perks of being with the bride all day? Lunch is provided... Man, it was yummy.
I ate a little then got to work (a LOT).  Deb purchased a floral pomander ball.  Unfortunately, however, she got the size needed for centerpieces and not for little hands to carry down the aisle.  It needed more flowers and time than I scheduled but it all worked out!

FINALLY, it was time to get ready. 


Chazzy helped mommy get into her dress:

Once the bride was ready, everyone headed over to the Chapel in the Clouds at the Stratosphere Hotel.
The staff set up a lovely bridal suite in their smaller chapel.  We used this as the perfect backdrop to present the ladies with gifts from the groom.

The gifts - bow-shaped earrings for Chazity in remembrance of my beautiful god angel (read more here) and a Pandora bracelet with charms for Deborah - were beautiful.
Chaz also wrote each of them heartfelt letters and, let me just tell you, it really made us all emotional... NOT because we read them (because we didn't) but because Deb's reaction gave us all a reason to cry.  We all knew...  This was just a bittersweet moment.

We all took some deep breaths, freshened up and decided to move on.
Ms. Joy presented Deb with her bouquet:

It was the simple bling bouquet Deborah wanted and I was proud to bring her vision to fruition:
I helped Chazzy with her new earrings: 

While guests found their seats, we snapped a few pics. 
The bride and the sisters-of-the-groom:
The bride and her Matron and Maid of Honor:

My friend was gorgeous... and MORE than ready to strut down the aisle.

I don't think my little ol' raggedy cell phone pics really convey how READY she was for this special day:
She was beautiful, the day was great and the ceremony was ABSOLUTELY amazing!
Tune in tomorrow for pics taken on the observation deck immediately following the ceremony.
His eyes are closed in the photo but my friend looks amazing so I had to post it, lol!
See you then!

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